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Incident Action Plan For Any Disasters

Disasters may come whenever and wherever, and we may be able to predict its coming. There are preventive and repressive solving ways. The preventive plan is a way to solve a problem or disaster before coming, while repressive is the one way after the problem is coming. Preventive action includes an incident action plan. It is a planning problem solving for any unpredictable or predictable bad situation happen, for instance, a natural disaster such as flooding, earthquake, storm, fire, etc.

The contingency plan or incident action plan is the process to identify and prepare the plan based on the future possibility situation that may or may not happen.


The Standard Checklist Should Be Prepared

What should be prepared for the incident action plan? The items checked below are included in an incident action plan you should be well-prepared:

  1. Situation report

It is made by taking input or report from all relevant authorities and are offered in the form of facts, statistics and tabulated information

  1. Incidents objective

It describes the basic strategy, control purposes, command priority, safety consideration to use in the next operational period.

  1. Organizational list

The aims are to estimate what organization can help or who might be able to contribute to handling the incident.

  1. Sector assignment

It is to help the accommodation, information and coordination, transportation, and everything that is related to the handle of the incident estimation.

  1. Divisional assignment

The divisions include service desk analyst, incident analyst, incident coordinator, incident manager, incident process owner, and incident assignment group manager. The roles and responsibilities are in accordance with their field assignments to give the best contribution to the institution.

  1. The Air operation plan

It aims at controlling the situation by the air. It can collaborate with the Air Force (AF).

  1. Communication plan

Communication is so very much important in the Incident action plan because communication is a key to make good coordination with all the parties involved.

  1. Safety plan

the evacuation strategy is mad to make effective and efficient solving.

  1. Medical plan

This to plan the handle if any of the victims of the disasters may happen. The hospital or any health organization can be included in the list of preventive plan disaster.

  1. Fire map

the disaster is fire, so it has to observe the estimation fire map in a territory.

  • Weather forecast and map

This can be conducted by making a plan with the climatology and geology agency. We do not know the weather tomorrow or the later days, so that is important to be well managed too.

  • Fire behavior forecast

After knowing the fire map, the forecast of fire behavior that is possible to happen can be predicted.

  • The facility layout plan

This is like a post. Maybe how many posts ought to be prepared, what the facility should be prepared, etc. 

Based on the explanation above, we have known that an incident action plan is important to do to prevent any possible problems which may come. We do not know how and when it will be, but preparation must be made from so far days.

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