HACCP Plan Template


What HACCP Plan Template Is?

HACCP plan template goals to see food ingredients to delete all risks of contaminating food. A HACCP plan documents to ensure the quality of the products you want to sell. This is to convince consumers of the quality, safety, and nutrition of the food you provide.

HACCP is used to identify the chemical content or some hazard contained in food. As well as monitoring biological and physical conditions as long as the food is from the producer, transportation until it is used and reaches the hands of consumers.

For Who HACCP Plan Is?

If you are a professional business person both company and individual, you need a HACCP plan template. In Indonesia, the supervision of food products is carried out by the National Agency of Drug and Food Control. Whereas in the United States of America, food supervision is carried out by The National Advisory Committee on Microbiological Criteria for Foods which is directly under the US Department of Agriculture. This food regulatory body provides rules and conditions requirements that must be met to meet good food quality standards.

Create a HACCP Plan Template

To create a HACCP plan you must pay attention to the following rules. HACCP plan steps are:

  1. Complete detail on the first page

The first page includes the identity of the company, name, and address, the plan of the HACCP and the team that responsible.

  1. The complete detail process of HACCP plan

To know the detail of this plan, you should describe your production process such as start and endpoints of the process, product of use, input and output process, customers and end-users, type of food safety hazards.

  1. Fill the control point identification

This page includes control point identification such as the process, corrective action plans, and monitoring. You should fill in the detail.

  1. List control points to food safety

You can make your rule and list the control point on your food standard.

  1. Verification of the HACCP plan

Always check all HACCP plan template procedures are carried out before and after implementation to secure that your steps are correct.

  1. Documentation

This page contains HACCP documents about explanatory about the scope, process, hazard analysis, and control points. Policy documents include hygiene policies, procedure instructions, monitoring and action records. The last one is recorded contain complaints and audit reports, the result of the test and review checks.

  1. HACCP plan review checklist

This page contains some of the questions that you have to checklist and makes sure you complete all of the procedures.

Benefit HACCP Plan Template

HACCP plan is useful for knowing and controlling food quality. Using the HACCP standard as standardization of food can be served or sold to consumers. This is to maintain the credibility of the company as a producer and provide a sense of security to consumers. Standard use of this template must be applied to all types of food. 

From this you know about the HACCP plan template, you can find some examples on the internet also guide to fill that template.

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