Electrical Estimator Job Description and Its Required Skills, Abilities, etc


An electrical estimator is commonly employed by an electrical contracting, construction or project management company. In this role, you will be tasked to estimate the electrical installation cost. As seen in the electrical estimator job description below, he or she also analyzes blueprints for determining various projects’ electrical needs, provides solutions to improve portability, and prepares project bids.

Electrical Estimator Job Description Template

We are hiring an electrical estimator in order to determine the estimated costs of different electrical installations for residential & industrial projects. An electrical estimator determines how long a contracting job lasts, researches market prices for project equipment & material, etc.

As an electrical estimator, you are also required to identify how to improve cost-estimating procedures continually to reduce inconsistencies between actual & estimated project costs. To be a good candidate, it is very important to pay attention to the following electrical estimator job description.

Electrical Estimator Job Responsibilities

There are many tasks & duties an electrical estimator has to do every day. For more detailed, you can see the electrical estimator job responsibilities below:

  • Analyzes blueprints for determining wire lengths and suitable outlet placement
  • Determines the cost, type & amount of fixtures and materials for an electrical project
  • Determines the amount of labor needed to complete a project
  • Determines the potential profitability of electrical projects to help management to make sound bidding decisions
  • Provides viable solutions to improve project profitability
  • Completes and submits competitive project bids according to the established guidelines
  • Updates cost databases regularly to reflect labor costs & fluctuating material accurately
  • Evaluates labor & material costs for determining if it is more feasible sub-contract the construction of components or construct electrical components

Electrical Estimator Job Requirements

Certain qualifications are required including educational degree, ability, skills, and many more. So, all the candidates have to meet the following electrical estimator job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, Engineering, Construction Science or related filed is a beneficial
  • Completion of a postsecondary education electrician training program
  • Certification from the American Society of Professional Estimator or the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering Interaction is beneficial
  • Electrician’s license
  • Ability for interpreting blueprints
  • Good problem-solving & analytical skills
  • Good organizational skills
  • God communication skills
  • Good customer service skills
  • Detail oriented

Electrical Estimator Job Description FAQs

What does an electrical estimator do in a company?

An electrical estimator estimates the electrical installation cost, analyzes blueprints for determining various projects’ electrical needs, provides solutions to improve portability, prepares project bids, etc.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Of course, you can. You are allowed to add or remove the details in the editable electrical estimator job description template posted here easily based on your needs.

Do you have interview questions for an electrical estimator?

On this web, you will not only find the electrical estimator job description but also a collection of interview question samples.


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