E Commerce Associate Job Description – Things You Want To Know Before Writing Resumes


The e-commerce associate has similar responsibilities with marketing associate but this position focuses more on online work. The e-commerce associate helps the marketing department in doing various tasks such as in making the website content. You can learn some other tasks in the e commerce associate job description.

The E Commerce Associate Job description, Duties And Responsibilities

The e-commerce associate performs various tasks related to the websites which we have summarized below:

  • Inspecting the product information, landing pages, checkout options, and other components in the website system.
  • Ensuring the website is visually appealing with its excellent accuracy and easiness of usage.
  • Getting involved in making certain marketing events such as discounted offers as well as some offers related to the bulky purchase.
  • making sure the payment methods and its promotional tabs are well-aligned.
  • Discussing some plans about website enhancement, for example, discussing new website changes.
  • Inspecting product review.
  • Uploading customers’ reviews.
  • Helping to monitor the web traffics and analyze its response.
  • Cooperating with the SEO specialist to increase the performance of the websites.
  • Communicating intensively with other staff related to scheduling.
  • Helping analyzing data of the sales to make a forecast and understand the customers’ behavior.


The Skills Included In The E Commerce Associate Job description

Surely, certain skills must be mastered to be a top e-commerce associate. Even though this position is related to marketing departments, but there are some additional skills to master as the job always deals with the website. The following is a shortlist of the skills you must know:

  • Having a relevant degree and knowledge about business and information technology. ‘
  • Having capability in demonstrating the experience in working in this sector.
  • Having a rich knowledge of e-commerce.
  • Strong organizational, assurance, and teamwork skills.
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills.
  • Strong research skills.
  • Having data analytical akill and writing skills especially on a report.
  • Being creative, excellent, and precise.
  • Having a strong willingness to learn new things.

A top e-commerce associate must be able to perform a pragmatic approach that is related to the tasks. With a good working attitude and skill, top e-commerce will be able to gain revenue gradually.

Below is the list of objective statements that you can use as the idea in your resume.

  • I am excellent at reading web analytic and translate it into simpler language so someone can understand and decide what to do. Being an e-commerce associate is a new chance for me to learn something new and I can use my skill as a web analyst.
  • My goal is to work with professionals that can help me grow and thrive. I like learning something new, especially in the marketing industry. Therefore, I would like to know if I can be one of the people to work in your company.
  • The marketing industry has been my focus in the past few years. I worked as a marketing associate and I also ever worked as the company’s representative that focuses on service. Being an e-commerce associate is a new thing for me. Let me know if I am the best fit.

So, if you are eligible and able to perform various tasks in the e-commerce associate job description, why don’t you try to apply?

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