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Being a cook can be a promising career but also a demanding one. Applicants must have certain qualifications related to cooking and good knowledge of food and cooking skills. Nowadays, the cook doesn’t only work at the restaurant but also in the hotel, resort, and even hospitals. That means more opportunities to make it a career.

The first step of applying for the job is you send the cook resume to the employers. It doesn’t have to be a mere resume but it needs to have crucial information as it promotes yourself and lets the employers know what you can contribute to the job. Here we collect information that is beneficial for you when you’re applying for a cook.

Cook Resume Sample

We directly give a sample of the cook’s resume so that you understand how a good resume for the cook is written.

Catherine Heathrow

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 123-456-789



A detailed-oriented and passionate cook with 5+ years of experience in a fine-dining restaurant and a hotel is seeking an opportunity to work in Luxurious Resorts as the Lead Chef. Achieved the five-star review for the hotel signature dish from the food critics.


A cook at XYZ Hotel

2017 – 2020

  • Preparing the ingredients and food items before the operational hours
  • Checking the food item quality in a regular manner
  • Producing food and beverages based on the recipes and standard operations system
  • Maintaining food cleanliness and workstation to keep sanitized
  • Preparing a set of different menus every day for the hotel guests
  • Creating a newly invented menu for special occasions
  • Received a five-star review from food critics for Sweet and Spicy Grilled Lamb with Mashed Potatoes menu as the hotel’s signature dish

A cook at ABC Restaurant

2015 – 2017

  • Opening and preparing the restaurant before the operational hours
  • Preparing food ingredients and recipes to create everyday
  • Checking the ingredients stocks and conducting daily quality control of the ingredients
  • Cutting food, vegetables, fruits every day
  • Producing food and beverages based on the customers’ order
  • Maintaining safety procedures during the work and workstation cleanliness
  • Increasing the sales by nearly 15% for the restaurant profit


Bachelor of Arts in Culinary at Johannes University, 2011 – 2015

GPA: 3.88

Relevant Coursework: an internship at Hotel Marriot for six months as an assistant cook, Intensive Training in cooking Middle Eastern and Western menu for four months, courses in Food Safety and Nutrition

Graduation: 2015

Membership: Assistant Cook Community, Hotel Cook Association, Western food forum, Middle Eastern food forum

Key Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of food and cooking preparation
  • Excellent knowledge of cooking procedures and methods
  • Knowledge in cooking utensils such as knives, pans, grills
  • Professional food handling and standard sanitation procedures
  • Creativity
  • Communication skills
  • Multitasking
  • Work under pressure
  • Problem-solving

Achievements and Certifications

  • Certified as a Cook in Western and Middle Eastern food
  • Certified in Food Safety and Nutrition


  • English
  • Dutch
  • Passive German

How to Write a Cook Resume

After reading the sample, now we give you the information in writing a good cook resume that helps you in creating one.

  • Read the job description. Cooks at the restaurant might have different qualifications from cooks at the hotel. So, you need to read carefully
  • Choose the best resume for you. It depends on whether you’re experienced or not
  • Start making a list of the needed information to be included, from the professional experience to achievements
  • Choose cook-related keywords and use cook-related action verbs
  • Proofread before sending your resume

What You Need to Remember in Writing Cook Resume

There is some information that you need to include in writing a cook resume. You can edit it based on your needs.

Skills Needed to be Included on Cook Resume

These are several needed skills that are common to be found on a cook resume. We list this to give you a reference.

  • Excellent understanding of any cuisine specialization
  • Excellent understanding of cooking methods and protocols
  • Good organization skills
  • Detailed-oriented
  • Creativity
  • Cleanliness
  • Problem-solving
  • Good communication skills

Kinds of Cook Resumes

Sometimes, you simply don’t have time to write a resume yourself so you can make use of the resume templates. These are several templates that are available for cook.

Entry-Level Cook Resume

This resume template targets the entry-level position where it is mostly applied by newly graduated culinary students or someone with less experience. It highlights the skills and creates a strong career objective to promote the applicants.

Professional Cook Resume

This resume template aims at the professional applicants that are experienced in the industry. A strong professional summary with chronological work experience becomes the two main points on this resume.

Cook Manager Resume

If you expand your career to be a cook manager, this resume template can provide you with the needed information for employers. It is written in Ms. Word and PDF, so you can choose one that gives you easy access to edit.

Lead Cook Resume

Lead cooks can use this resume template to apply for a job. It is downloadable and editable, and it applies a simple design that is easy to navigate the information.

Catering Resume

Cook also works in the catering company. So, if this is what you’re looking for in a career, use this template. It highlights your strengths and allows you to have a list of relevant skills for the cook.

Apprentice Chef Resume

Calling all beginner chefs to use this resume template. For someone inexperienced, you can focus on the skills and career objective, but if you have any experience, you can add it to the work history section.

Executive Chef Resume

To be an executive chef, one must have certain qualifications and meet requirements. This resume template facilitates you with those sections to promote yourself to employers.

Bartender Resume

If you want to be a barista, this resume template can be a good choice to lead you to land the job. With a modern design and neat look, this resume template will be able to show your enthusiasm.

Barista Resume

This resume template is designed for the barista. Having special sections in achievements, this resume template is suitable for those who are experienced in becoming a barista.

Restaurant Cook Resume

This resume template is designed specifically for a restaurant cook. It gives you a choice whether you want to specify it to a certain cuisine style or to make it general. It is editable and it saves your time.



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