10+ Commercial Invoice Template example psd design

Commercial Invoice Template and the Needed Information


A commercial invoice template is frequently used in companies, especially when they get involved in item delivery and shipping all the time. The invoice is addressed to a buyer to make sure that they know the right amount of money to pay for their shopping. These are some examples for that. Get them now down below.

Commercial Invoice Template Benefits


The benefit of using commercial invoice template instead of making the invoice every single time is to save your time and to make sure that all the key essentials of the invoice is already there. It includes the shipping information and item information. You can find more about it on the detailed information after this.

Commercial Invoice Template Key Essentials


These are some key essentials for the invoice:


  1. Company Names

If the transaction is between two companies, both names will have to be written vividly on the invoice. Both senders and recipients should be there.


  1. Item Information

As the invoice is going to be used for shipping as well, the item information should be there, including the types of good, weight and many more.

  1. The Cost

The point of an invoice is stating the amount of money to pay. This is why the cost must be written there for everyone to see.


  1. The Date

The date of when the item is sent or when the invoice is made is often needed for documentation. That is why they are often displayed on the invoice.


Commercial Invoice Template Design Example


If you need some examples, they are right here to download:


Simple Commercial Invoice

This is the simplest form of the invoice. You can use the template to make any types of invoice and you can easily edit them.


Company Commercial Invoice

For company, usually the invoice will be completed by logo and everything else. Find them out right here and you can make a great invoice for the company.

Black and White Commercial Invoice

Black and white invoice is considered simpler and more formal. The design can be seen right here. The great thing about it is that the template won’t need any colored ink on the printer.


Printable Commercial Invoice

If the invoice is in need of immediate printing, use the one right here. The rest of the invoice part can be written by hands.


The Commercial Invoice Template Format


The best format for the commercial invoice template is the printable format. So, typical document formats like the one on Microsoft Words (doc) or the templates in PDF will be easier to use. They are all here and you can choose which one to use by considering the tool you understands more. Regardless, the formats are already printable.

That is what you need to know about the invoice and you can get some templates by downloading the available ones up there. Make sure you know which one to use and which one to download before getting the commercial invoice template up there.


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