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Free Printable Club Flyer Templates

People who work at the club industry must already know how tough the competition is these days. To stands out over the competitors, they need to incorporate powerful marketing strategy. There are many marketing initiatives that would require high amount of investment. Although they are important, chance is other competitors are taking them too. One of the ways of taking advantage of effective yet affordable marketing is by using club flyer templates.

Promotional Club Flyer Templates

Club flyer templates are pre-made advertising design over a single printed sheet. It is used to draw attention to event, idea, product, or service by a club. The flyer typically contains only simple message that can be portrayed quickly. Flyer sometimes also referred as inserts, handbills, circulars, or leaflet – depending on how it is used. The sheet is usually distributed in person by hand in the street where the passerby traffic is high or popular venue where potential customer might gather around such as trade show. It is also usually printed in colorful theme so people can notice and read them easily.

Club Flyer Templates Benefits

To come up with perfect design of advertising flyer, you have to know the various benefits of it. Here is the list of several advantages that you will get by using this type of promotional item:


Just by using small budget, you can produce big amounts of flyers. The cost can be cut especially if you’re using a free template where you don’t have to pay for design.

Effective sales tactic

Distributing a well-designed flyer to the right target of audience is a highly effective method to generate leads.

Versatile uses

A flyer can be used to promote new items, build a brand, announce special event, inform about a discount sale, and so many more.

Additional tool for digital marketing

You may add QR code inside the flyer to let people scan and link to your business handily only by using their smartphones.

Keeping track of the results

It is possible to track the number of purchases and responses accurately by calculate customer URLs or coupon codes in the flyer.

Club Flyer Templates Sizes

The smallest size of proper flyer is the size of A7 paper. It is ideal to promote offer or an easy grab for customers when they come to the store. However, you need to be precise with word counts and length of message as the space is quite limited.

A slightly bigger size of flyer comes in post card dimensions, which is A6 paper. It gives you more space to put offers and do promotions. The club flyer templates in this size are best to use if you’re doing direct mail campaign. It also can be used to advertise special event in the club for customer who made purchase.

Club Flyer Templates Designs

Whether you are looking to reach wider range of potential customers or planning to setting up new club, you’re going to need interesting looking flyer. In this page you’d find club flyer templates with professional design – direct, functional, and creative to match with industry.

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