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A church program template is usually needed by those working at the church. The program is like the booklet or brochure handed to you on the entrance of the church at the beginning of every service. It contains everything you need to know about the service. Read more information and get some templates about the church program right over here:

Church Program Template Usage


The usage of church program template is to show everything that is going to happen during the service. It is essentials as numerous people cannot keep up with the service when they nothing to guide them. This is the reason why making the program seems very important. If you do not want to make it on your own, use these templates instead.

Church Program Template Content


In general, a church program will have these elements in their contents:


  • Order of Service

It contains the guidance to get through the service from the beginning to the end. It lists all the elements happen during the service

  • Announcements and Events

If there are couples getting married, some donation events, gatherings and more, it will be written on this section.

  • About Our Church

There always new people coming to the church every week. Greet them by letting them know more information about the church.

  • Song List

There are tons of churches where you basically sing all day long hence the song list must be written on the program template.


Church Program Template Designs


The design examples for the church program are going to be displayed down below:


Christian Church Program

This is the template that you can use for Christian Church. They sing a lot during the service and this is why the program is going to be full of song texts.

Baptist Church Program

Baptist Church is more about the sermons. You will find more slots for that on the church template. Get the example here and you can make a dashing program easily.

Catholic Church Program

If you are looking for a program template for Catholic Church, the example is right here. It should be applicable and easier to use.

Worship Church Program

Last but not least, you have worship church program here. It looks great and you can easily use it to insert any types of ceremony to have during the service every week.


Church Program Template Tips


The tips in using the church program template are to choose the right one to use, including on the type of the church. Besides of that, you need to make sure that the document or data to insert on the template is ready. That way, making the church program can be done faster and easier. You do not need to spend hours just to make the program.

Now you have seen the information as well as the template for the church program. There is no doubt that making the church program now is going to be even faster and easier, thanks to the help of church program template above.



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