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Creative and Unique-Looking Business Card Template

Business card is amongst the essentials and relevant tool to develop a business, despite its small size and the fact that the world now tends to move towards digital side of things. It is a highly personal form of marketing because it’s specifically created to be handed to existing and potential customers. Check out collection of business card template here with plenty of design options to promote business creatively.

Free Business Card Template

Business card is a piece of paper that contains business information about an individual or a whole company. It is shared as a part of formal introduction with purpose of memory aid and convenience. The card usually bears information such as name of the giver, affiliation of business or company (including logo) and contact details like address, telephone number, e-mail or website, and fax number. Nowadays, it is common to include social media addresses, be it LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. As technology is getting more advanced, there are more and more various business card template designs with striking, modern, and unique appearances that available.

Reasons to Use Business Card Template

Here are several reasons why it’s still important for you to get a business card.

It is able to make favorable first impression

To create a formal but remarkable introduction; you can use a business card. It can capture the potential client’s attention with its appealing and eye-catching design. The information that included inside will also help if they needed to contact you after the initial meeting.

It is very cost-effective

As printing cards is relatively inexpensive to do, using it is considered as a low-cost solution for business that’s tight on budget. It is easy enough to find printing company around you or through online surfing to find the best deal.

It is highly portable

If you’re someone who travels frequently, the cards are easy enough to fit into your luggage without having to take up much place. It is capable to facilitate business establishment and contact maintenance on events like business conventions or industry trade shows, which can lead into future opportunities for your business.

It helps to build your brand

Having good branding means your business is easily identifiable and has high recognition. By putting the name, logo, and advertising slogan of your company on the card, there is a chance to reinforce your brand with whoever receive and view it.

Business Card Template Ideas

Nowadays, there is so much creative option you can choose to make your card remarkable. For example, the business card template you use doesn’t have to be printed on typical paper. It can be printed on plastic, with material selection such as PVC, crystal clear plastic, or frosted translucent plastic. For even more special card, you might want to try unordinary materials such as metal real wood.

Download Business Card Template

Get business card template for free by downloading it from this page. These templates have standard size and interesting layout, format, and design. You can customize it by changing the colors, fonts, and then add your personal information such as name, company logo, and contact information.

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