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Free and Printable Birthday Card Template to Easily Use


Birthday card templates are needed to celebrate the special day. Usually, cards are given to the birthday person to wish them happy birthday. This is the good old-fashioned way that a lot of people still do today. If you are looking for the card template, they are all here and you can easily download them right here. Here they are:

Birthday Card Template Importance


The main importance of the card template is to avoid spending hours in designing the card on your own. Besides of that, the card template is also customizable so that making the card looks personalized won’t be hard anymore. Use those birthday card templates to make sure the card you give is really one of the kinds.

Birthday Card Template Typical Characteristic


The common or typical characteristics of the card are including:


  • Fun Design

Birthday is all about fun and happiness. This is why the common design for the card is usually about fun design with popping colors and illustrations.

  • Balloons and Cakes

Of course, there won’t be any birthday without balloons and cakes. You should find them as common design on the card.

  • Banners and Presents

Besides the balloons and the cakes, you should be able to find tons of banners and presents on the design. It is like the common stuff on birthday party.

  • Colorful

Birthday party is supposed to be full of colors. That is why the card is designed that way, too. You should use tons of colors to make the card lively.



Birthday Card Template Designs


So, here are some of the best designs for the birthday cards:


Cartoon Birthday Card

This is the card using cartoon as the main design. The whole thing on the card, such as the image of the cake, balloons, and everything are drawn in cartoony way.

Birthday Card with Photo

If you want the card to be fully personalized, use the image of the birthday person on the card. This template here is the one you can download.

Flower-Themed Birthday Card

Birthday is all about flowers sometimes. Use this template if you want to display tons of colors for the card.

Baby Birthday Card

For baby’s birthday, usually the theme is still cute and whimsical one. The example is right here and they are free to download.


Birthday Card Template Tips


The tips to use those birthday card templates are including to use the correct type of paper and to mind the size. Use a thicker type of paper like a photo paper or a glossy premium paper. It will contain the ink even better and won’t make the result sloppy. Mind the size as the templates are available in different sizes and you will have to pay attention to it.

There are a lot of templates to use here. All you have to do is basically choosing the right one and then download them. Use them to make sure that you can send the best-looking card for the birthday boy or girl. As those birthday card templates are free, download them all right now.



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