Sports Agent Job Description and its responsibilities 


A sports agent has a big role in sports industries because they will market and promote the sports figures. Besides, a sports agent will negotiate the contracts and handle the endorsement deal. Managing the athlete’s finance is also another responsibility of a sports agent. Because of that, you need to create a sports agent job description that will help you to get the best candidate for a sports agent.

The sports agent job description templates 

A sports agent will play a big role in the sports industry so that you need to be careful to select a sports agent. You need to look for a responsible sports agent that can manage the client’s business and legal affairs. They will represent the clients in business deals and also negotiate on the client’s behalf to get promotion activities.

Besides, a sports agent also has other duties like identify and recruit new talent, oversee public relations, and also form relationships with the player. This job position can work as self-employed or in the agencies.

To succeed in a sports agent, you need to demonstrate strong sports knowledge. A top candidate for a sports agent is a solid negotiator and able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

The sports agent responsibilities 

As a sports agent, you need to know some responsibilities to do. Some sports agent responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Delegate the client in the business deals and negotiation
  • Read and describe the contracts to their clients
  • Handle the marketing and promotional activity
  • Resolve the public negotiation issues
  • Sign the top athletes and assess the new talent
  • Handle the client finance like building the assets
  • Manage the marketing and promotion of their clients
  • Meet with the athletes, coaches and also the team owners
  • Classify and identify the complex problems and information about the athletes
  • Advise the sportsperson on proper opportunities for their career
  • Recruit a service to the athletes in the various organization to increase the clients

The sports agent requirement 

Moreover, a sports agent also has some requirements that should be fulfilled for the candidate. Some sports agent requirements descriptions are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in sports management
  • Experience to manage the athletes
  • Solid negotiation skills
  • Highly experience in customer service
  • Great understanding of principles, process, and services
  • Operational understanding of media production, communication, techniques, and methods
  • Strong understanding of economics, accounting, financing, and also the banking
  • Good time management skills

The sports agent FAQ

How is a sports agent’s work environment?

Based on the sample sports agent job description above, the work environment is depending on the agent. It means you choose independently or as a part of an agency. Different types of agents also will influence the responsibilities as a sports agent in the industries.

How much are a sports agent’s salaries?

Although the sports agent job description template does not describe the salaries, a sports agent can make millions representing the high-profile athletes and they will get a high salary. Moreover, a bottom 10% annual salary for a sports agent is about $27.000. Therefore, a sports agent job description is important to create.


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