Specimen Processor Job Description and Its Required Qualifications


Specimen processor job description includes receiving & processing specimens like urine & blood samples in a laboratory, capture data, and also handle healthcare practitioner inquiries & client. A specimen processor is also called a specimen accessioned or laboratory specimen processor.

Specimen Processor Job Description Template

We are hiring a specimen processor now. In this role, you will process specimens in the laboratory and respond to our clients & phlebotomist’s inquiries. A specimen processor confirms clients & specimen details as well as ascertains specimen’s adequacy & appropriateness.

You will ensure that specimens are effectively labeled & stored, process specimens and also dispose older specimens. Calibrating instruments, maintaining equipment, and sanitizing your work environment also belong to your tasks. For more detailed, let’s see this specimen processor job description template.

Specimen Processor Job Responsibilities

After you join as our specimen processor, you will have many tasks and duties to do. To be a good specimen processor, you have to follow procedures and also ensure data accuracy. Different companies may give different duties. Below is the list of specimen processor job responsibilities in our company:

  • Verifies client & specimen detail accuracy
  • Examines specimens for appropriateness & adequacy
  • Captures specimen data & cline electronically
  • Sanitizes bench tops
  • Labels & numbers specimens and prepares aliquots
  • Centrifuges specimens
  • Disposes specimens more than 7-day old
  • Prepares specimens to be sent to a reference laboratory
  • Helps clients & phlebotomists with inquiries that pertain to specimen requirements as well as test turnaround times
  • Complies with applicable regulations & laws as well as company policies & procedures

Specimen Processor Job Requirements

A good candidate must be organized, dexterous and also perform to a high-level accuracy. Therefore, anyone who applies for this position has to meet specimen processor job requirements. The requirements relate to educational degree, experience, proficiency, skills, and even abilities as follow:

  • GED, high school diploma, or suitable equivalent
  • Experience in the related work environment like clinical laboratory in the past
  • Proficient with Ms. Office programs especially Ms. Excel and Word
  • Proficient typing & data entry skills
  • Great communication skills both verbal & written
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability of performing to high level accuracy
  • Ability of handling biological materials
  • Dexterous and also able to handle caustic chemicals & toxic safely
  • Resilient to fumes or other allergens

Specimen Processor Job Description FAQs

What does a specimen processor do in the laboratory?

A specimen processor is mainly tasked to receive & process specimens like urine & blood samples in a laboratory, capture data, and also handle healthcare practitioner inquiries & client.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Yes, you can. This laboratory specimen processor job description is editable so that you can customize it easily to fit your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a specimen processor?

Besides the specimen processor job description, you may also need interview question samples. If you want, you can find them on another page on this web.


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