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Sales Associate Resume

If you are passionate enough within the sales field, express a great thanks because it is a ‘crowdy’ area in nowadays life. If you are seeking an opportunity to dive into the sales area, the first thing that should you do is composing a sales associate resume.

However, as this job could be afforded either by one who already has the experience and one who has not experience yet, it is important to write a powerful resume. A strong sales associate resume with no experience could boost your probability to be hired by an employer.

Sales Associate Resume Sample

Get yourself featured with the related insight regarding sales associate resume with the following sample:

Personal Info

Kevin Sven Ronggowarsito

Phone  : (888) 764-459-867-633-7

Email   : KevSRonggowarsito@gmail.com


Highly motivated and enthusiastic fresh graduate from Rowan Elizabeth University majoring in business and sales management seeking an opportunity to put his good time-management, and strong interpersonal skills into practice as a sales associate in Barg-n-Mart Retail Store. I believe I am the perfect fit for the position as I have decent related experience as an interim sales associate.


An interim sales associate at Ruqoyya Accessories Store


  • Customer service tasks (greeted customers, responded to their inquiries)
  • Operated cash registers
  • Directed customers to the merchandise within the store
  • Achieved sales target
  • Getting to know about the merchandise
  • Introduced the offers, promos, discounts, and opportunities to the customer


Rowan Elizabeth University

Business and sales management


GPA: 3.5

Relevant Coursework: Managing product stocks and store-floor optimization

Expected graduation: 2021

Membership: –

Key Skills:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Exquisite organizational skills
  • Good Time-management skills
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills
  • Good understanding of merchandise product
  • Adequate retail software skills
  • Good basic mathematics retail-related skills
  • Enthusiastic and highly motivated


  • Achieved sales targets at Ruqoyya’s Accessories Store for three consecutive months
  • Developed effective workflow in putting promotion on a merchandise product


  • English
  • Germany
  • Indonesian

How to Write Sales Associate Resume

To be well-prepared in getting the sales associate job, you have to do certain works. It includes observation, research, and writing the resume. If this is the first time you want to apply for a sales associate position, the below-mentioned steps to write a resume here could help provide you guidelines.

  • Brainstorm the personal information about you. Write it on a piece of paper, just in case you forget the ideas.
  • Add the detail of your education within the relevant section. Add relevant certifications if any.
  • Include the relevant accomplishments you ever achieved within previous activities (extracurricular activities, volunteer activities, etc.)
  • Mention the job you are expected in the company
  • Mention your primary and ’unique’ skills
  • It is recommended to include your relevant proficiency (e.g., Retail software capacities) if any
  • Read again and proofread the resume to make sure it is free from grammatical errors and typos.

What should I put within my resume for sales associate

The following matters should be included within your resume to make your resume outstanding and attracting the employer.

  • Product awareness
  • Target setting and forecasting
  • Closing sales
  • Customer acquisition and retention
  • Fluent written and verbal communication
  • Self-motivated
  • Good time-management
  • Detail-oriented manner

What is a good summary for a resume

Within a resume, it consists of a resume summary. A resume summary is very useful for an employer to recognize you in a sec. Therefore, you have to leverage this section as perfectly as possible to ensure your resume is being read carefully by the employer. Below is an easy framework to formulate a good summary for your resume.

What Should You Prepare For A Sales Associate Interview

In case you are doing your best on your resume and called for an interview, the following things should you consider when you are going to an interview.

  • Prepare your clothing and reference
  • Be prepared with the best answer for your interview questions
  • Be honest
  • Be observant, do not engage in any activities that out of your control

The top qualities that should be possessed by a sales associate

Below are the top qualities that should be possessed by a sales associate in order to perform their daily duties well.

  • Outstanding communication ability
  • Unmatched product knowledge and awareness
  • Adaptability

Kinds of Sales Associate Resume Template

There is a variety of sales associate roles within a store. Below are mentioned kinds of sales associate resume that you may refer to and use.

Real Estate Sales Associate Resume Template

To gain your advantage in a real estate job, you may require your template to be as concise as possible. The simple and modern look would be great to match the real estate environment.

Clothing Sales Associate Resume Template

The use of simple and modern sectioning with linings provide adequate highlight on your resume. The information you put within your resume would be layout-friendly with this template resume sample

Electronic Sales Associate Resume Template

The electronic field resume should provide rich and succinct information within their resume. This template is a perfect match to this need as the layout is minimalist while providing wider space for your information detail.

Retail Sales Associate Resume Template

A major lining divides the upper and bottom section helps highlight the section within this template. The personal information to be put in the top section, creating strong identification of yourself, and information details within bottom sections to provide ease when reading.

Jewelry Sales Associate Resume Template

The font color selection emphasizes the sectioning within this resume template. A soft separator functions as the visual separator that makes it readable and enjoyable.

Sales Associate Cashier Resume Template

Without providing any visual elements, this resume template is still able to stand out using its layout and font colors. It is suitable for you who wants to take the opportunity to be a sales associate cashier.

Beauty Industry Sales Associate Resume Template

Always customize your resume to the industry area of your target job. If you are looking for the beauty industry, you are to provide an eye-catching resume with sufficient visual elements and color selection. Thanks to this template which provides them all.

Customer Sales Associate Resume Template

Emphasizing using bullet points to highlight the information within the experience section is the best way to engage the employer’s attention. This template is suitable for you who wants to be a customer sales associate.

Fashion Sales Associate Resume Template

A tolerable amount of visual elements helps this template to shine. This template employs slider-like elements to make it stand out in describing your skills mastery.

IT Sales Associate Resume Template

The perfect layout and sectioning make this template suitable for IT sales associates. The bi-color lay-outing and a photo container assist this template to stand out from the others.



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