Procurement Manager Job Description and Its FAQ


For the company, the procurement manager stays in an important position and they have an essential job to be done. Based on the procurement manager job description, an individual in this position will face a responsibility to manage the supply and the sources of the company. They should negotiate with the supplier to get the best price.

Procurement Manager Job Description Template

A company will look for an innovative procurement manager to join with the team. Of course, they will lead the procurement team and make some strategies for purchasing the needs of the company. On another hand, the manager also must guide the process of procurement.

For the recruiter, knowing the template of the procurement manager job description is an important matter. The template can be a reference to write detailed requirements, so they could select a high-skilled agent to fill the position.

Then, for the candidate, to be a successful procurement manager, they need to be familiar with the activities of procurement. An ability to manage the team and priority also become important matters to be owned by a candidate of the procurement manager.

Procurement Manager Responsibilities

Managing the team and making the priorities of procurement become the main responsibilities of the procurement manager. However, an individual in this position also should face some other responsibilities to run their role, such as:

  • Developing the strategies of procurement to find more effective costs and inventive
  • Sourcing and engaging kinds of reliable suppliers and vendors for the business
  • Negotiating with vendors and suppliers to secure advantageous terms
  • Reviewing the existing contracts with the suppliers and the vendors to make sure the on-going feasibility
  • Building and maintaining a long-term relationship with the suppliers and vendors
  • Approving the purchase orders
  • Organizing and confirming delivery of the services and goods
  • Performing risk assessment on potential agreements and contracts
  • Controlling the budget and promoting the culture of long-term savings inside the cost arrangement
  • Managing and overseeing the IT systems that track the inventory, shipment, and the supply of goods
  • Preparing the reports of procurement activities

Procurement Manager Requirements

A candidate needs to fulfill some requirements when they want to join with the manager to be a new procurement manager. The requirements can be a reference to value the skills and abilities of the candidate.

Well, some requirements to be fulfilled by a candidate of a procurement manager are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in logistics, business administration, and supply chain management
  • Proven experience in managing the supply chain operations
  • Experiences using the software of supply chain management
  • In-depth knowledge of preparing and reviewing the invoice, contract, negotiation terms, and others
  • Good management skills
  • Good leadership skills
  • Excellent multi-tasking and time management skills
  • Ability to make priorities
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and analytical thinking
  • Detail-oriented
  • Good communication skills both verbal and written

Procurement Manager FAQ

What are the main duties of the procurement manager?

Managing the team becomes the main duty of a procurement manager. However, the manager also should provide the best strategy to control the purchasing.

Can I edit the job description of the procurement manager here?

Of course, you can. All samples of the procurement manager job description here are editable. You just need to download it and then personalize detailed information using Microsoft Word.


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