Nail Technician Job Description Template and FAQs


A nail technician is a person who paints fingernails & toenails; cleans, cuts, & shapes nails, and recommends colors, rhinestones & designs. A nail technician must have all those abilities. In this article, we will share the nail technician job description. It does not only include the responsibilities to do but also the requirements to meet.

Nail Technician Job Description Template

We are hiring a nail technician now. In this position, the main task of a nail technician is to provide nail care & treatment to customers based on their preferences and needs. Ultimately, a nail technician helps us develop our reputation.

There are many responsibilities of a nail technician. One of them is to polish fingerprints & toenails. Besides, painting designs & applying acrylic nail & gel also belong to the tasks and duties. For the more detailed, you can see the following nail technician job description template.

Nail Technician Responsibilities

A nail technician is tasked perform many responsibilities. Here is the list of nail technician responsibilities to do:

  • Paints fingernails & toenails
  • Cleans, cuts, and shapes nails
  • Recommends designs, rhinestones & colors based on the style of each customer
  • Removes the existing applied nail polish
  • Prepares and cleans beauty station in between appointments
  • Sterilizes equipment before use
  • Informs clients about additional offers and services such as eyebrow waxing, loyalty discounts, etc
  • Gives massages on hand & foot
  • Offers care & treatment tips for nails like how to make manicures last longer and how to strengthen nails
  • Up-sells beauty products & treatments
  • Takes an interest in customers such as to chat with them during appointments and remember their preferences

Nail Technician Requirements

All the candidates who apply for this position should also meet the following nail technician requirements:

  • Work experience as a manicurist, nail technician, or other similar roles
  • Expertise in nail techniques from basic to advance such as gel manicures, airbrushing & French manicures
  • Cosmetology trend knowledge
  • Understanding of standards of sterilization & sanitation
  • Customer service experience
  • High school diploma
  • Certification in Nail Art or Cosmetology is a benefit

Nail Technician Job Description FAQs

What does a nail technician do in a beauty care facility?

A nail technician is responsible for many tasks and duties. However, the main responsibilities are to paint fingernails & toenails; clean, cut, & shape nails, and recommend colors, rhinestones & designs. For the detailed nail technician tasks and duties, you can see the template above.

Can I edit the posted nail technician job description template here?

Of course, you can. Everyone is allowed to download and use the job description posted here. Even more, editing the job description is also possible. You can easily add or remove the details included in the job description.

Do you have interview questions for a nail technician?

We do not only provide the nail technician job description but also interview questions. You can find them on another page.



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