4+ Medical Assistant Resume Template


Medical Assistant Resume Template

The career opportunity as a medical assistant is increasing within the past few years. It has been knowing widely that medical assistants are a health professional who helps the physicians to provide healthcare to patients. Not only dealing with the patients, but medical assistant also manages the medical offices, usually, they deal with the administrative matter.

If you are interested in applying for the job, you need to submit a medical assistant resume template. It allows you to get ‘found’ by the employer if you have qualifications that lead to landing a job as a medical assistant.

Sample of Medical Assistant Resume Template

To give you a clear understanding of how a resume for a medical assistant is written, this is what the sample provided.

Jennifer Ratchet

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 123-456-789

Email: jenratchet@email.com


Working as a medical assistant for four years gives me experience in handling clinical needs from dealing with patients to managing the administrative matter for the clinic. With excellent communication skills and good technical knowledge of the clinical equipment, I can provide effective health care to the patient. I have assisted in several surgical operations during my career.


Family Medicine Medical Staff

ABC Clinic

2016 – 2019

  • Preparing examination for patients
  • Checking patients’ body condition, such as blood pressure, height, and weight.
  • Assisting the physician with the medical procedures and treatments
  • Providing patients data to the physicians
  • Reviewing patients’ medical reports

Clinical Medical Staff

ABC Clinic

2014 – 2016

  • Receiving phone calls from patients
  • Scheduling patients’ appointment
  • Recording the patients’ data and records
  • Maintaining the medical equipment
  • Managing the medical supplies


Bachelor Degree from ABC Health School, 2013

High School Diploma from ABC School, 2010

GPA: 3.75

Relevant Coursework: Medical Clinical Procedures, Medical Office Management, Medical Law and Ethics

Graduation: 2013

Membership: Medical Student Council

Key Skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Organizational skill
  • Administrative skill
  • Time management
  • Compassionate
  • Good listener


  • The Best Graduated Student, 2013
  • Best Medical Staff in a Month (June), 2018


  • English
  • Spanish
  • French (passive)

How to Write a Medical Assistant Resume Template

When you are applying for a medical assistant position, you need to write a comprehensive resume template. Here are the things that need to consider before you are writing yours.

  • Use the right format. This is needed to decide which direction your resume will be, whether it is based on the skills or based on chronological order.
  • Give specific information about your skills. Medical assistants need some specific knowledge such as how to test blood pressure.
  • Explain your experience. The more experience you have, the better it is for you as you have a bigger chance of getting the job.
  • Make all the information specific to the job you are applying for. This is important for you who use the resume template. Edit it to fit your needs and situation.

Medical Assistant Resume Skills

In writing a resume template, one needs to mention the skills s/he has to showcase they are capable of doing. Among all the skills that the applicants can have, these are the crucial skills that can improve the value of someone’s resume.

  • Good communication skills. Dealing with a lot of people from physicians to patients, a medical assistant has to know how to communicate well with people from different backgrounds and characters.
  • Administrative skill. Medical assistant doesn’t only deal with patients but also with the piling up of records. This needs good administrative skills to handle that.
  • Organization. This skill is needed for almost all the job responsibilities that medical assistant has to do.
  • Understanding of medical procedures. It’s a must for a medical assistant to know this well.

Writing a Medical Assistant Resume Template with No Experience

When you have no experience and want to seek a career opportunity as a medical assistant, the tips below can be your answer.

  • Write your career objective or profile summary as detailed as possible. Focus on what you will achieve in your career as a medical assistant. With clear and detailed planning, it can be a consideration for the employer.
  • Boost your resume with your skills. Show that you can work to deal with patients and work as a medical assistant in the administrative department.
  • Specialized your field. A medical assistant has a specialized field where they focus on the patients’ treatments. Mention that to give a picture of where your strength is.

Is Medical Assistant Hard?

Being a medical assistant can be exhausting to some people but it can be rewarding. Here are several things you need to know before submitting your resume.

What to Prepare for Medical Assistant Interview?

When you nailed on the medical assistant resume template, you will be contacted to the interview phase. Here are the things you need to prepare.

  • Think about your strength and weakness. Know yourself more before you attend the interview session
  • Describe yourself as clear as possible but not too long
  • Think about the experience you can tell during the interview
  • Explain your plans in the future. It has to be reasonable, though

Kinds of Medical Assistant Resume Template

After knowing all the information above, you can save your time by using the resume template available.

Administrative Medical Assistant Resume

This resume is specifically designed for administrative medical assistant applicants. Using this template, you will have a well-structured resume to be sent.

PDF Format Entry-Level Medical Assistant Resume

Having PDF format, this template is specifically for the entry-level position of a medical assistant. This template highlights your skills in front of the employer.

Certified Medical Assistant Resume

For an experienced medical assistant, you need a thorough resume and this template provides it. You can also edit it to match the certification you have.

Word Format Free Medical Assistant Resume

What’s better than using this template? Using Word file format, you can easily edit it. Plus, it’s free! So, what are you waiting for?

Medical Assistant Resume with Externship

If you have externship experience, you can use this template. Edit it to match your information and it makes your resume becomes outstanding.

Lab Assistant Resume

If you are applying for a lab assistant position, this resume template is for you. It gives the highlight on the skills and a comprehensive career objective where you can edit to match your condition.

Dental Assistant Resume

Being a dental assistant needs an effective resume and this template helps you get that. You can focus on other things as a preparation for the hiring process.

Dental Hygiene Resume Template

This is useful for those who are applying for dental hygiene. It saves time and you will get a professional resume that won’t disappoint you.

Healthcare Administrative Resume

This template is designed for healthcare administrative applicants. It comes with a well-structured and formal style that gives an impressive final touch to your resume.


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