Marketing Intern Job Description: Find Out The Requirements And Responsibilities Here 



If you want to build a professional career in the marketing field, you have to start it by being a marketing intern. This job generally assists the marketing management under marketing supervision. Their works usually focus on preparing a proposal, research some marketing trends, and host events. If you are interested in applying for this position, please find out more about the duties and requirements of the marketing intern job description down below!

The Three Essential Responsibilities Of Marketing Intern Job Description

1. Performing The Market Analysis 

The primary responsibility of the marketing intern is researching market analysis and some latest trends in society. They also need to assist the marketing department in their daily administrative duties.

2. Managing Social Media 

Other responsibilities of being a marketing intern are presenting the social media designs of campaign ideas. The marketing intern also needs to monitor the platforms of social media. In other words, the marketing intern needs to manage the trending news, feedbacks, comments, and ideas. The marketing intern also needs to prepare some promotional presentations in detail.

3. Planning The Marketing Events 

The marketing intern will plan and host marketing events. The marketing intern also evaluates and researches digital content and competitor marketing. Another responsibility of the marketing intern is contributing to creating email campaigns, mock-ups, and several social media contents.

The Three Essential Requirements Of Marketing Intern Job Description

1. Having Good Experience In Marketing 

The best candidate for a marketing intern is the ones who are familiar with social media platforms and marketing computer software. It would be better if you are an undergraduate in communication, marketing, and other similar fields. It means the marketing intern needs to have a great understanding of marketing techniques and trends.

2. Having Good Communication Skills 

As a marketing intern, they require to have great written and verbal communication skills. They also need to have a passion for what they will do, in this case, marketing. The marketing intern needs to have great multitasking skills.


1. What is a marketing intern? 

The marketing intern is someone who works in the marketing department. This job required a self-motivated, ambitious, and energetic person to do their tasks. In general, the marketing intern is someone who has goals to build their career in content marketing and social media. The professional marketing intern candidate has to gain in-depth knowledge of new social media platforms and marketing techniques.

2. What must you do before posting the marketing intern job description?

You have to get the information related to the marketing intern job thoughtfully and thoroughly. In other words, you have to understand well the requirements and responsibilities of the marketing intern. That information will help you to select the professional marketing intern candidates. Those things are essential that you must do before posting the executive producer job.

3. What is the marketing intern usually do in their works?  

The professional marketing intern usually does several tasks every day, such as preparing promotional presentations, conducting market analysis, and monitoring social platforms. In the marketing intern job description, this person also needs to be a great communicator that has such excellent organizational and multitasking skills.


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