Magazine Editor Job Description and its FAQs

A magazine editor has an important role in the company. They should communicate with the specialist who can plan, manage, and produce the magazine for the readers. Besides, a magazine editor also will create editorial calendars and also develop the story ideas for magazines. Therefore, the magazine editor job description is important because it will show detailed information for the candidate to apply.

The magazine editor job description template 

Since the role of a magazine editor is big, you need to be careful when you are looking for this job position. You need to get the outstanding writing and creative skills for a magazine editor because they will be expected to do the best job for producing the magazine. Besides, a magazine editor also will be expected to possess fantastic planning, organizational and staff management skills.

Besides, the magazine editor also should be able to work comfortably especially under pressure in a fast-paced environment. This ability is important to make the magazine editor producing a great magazine.

To succeed in the magazine editor, you need to demonstrate the superb command of English with a keen interest in shaping a publication. The top candidate for magazine editor should display a great understanding of target audiences.

The magazine editor responsibilities 

As a magazine editor, you need to know some responsibilities to do. Some magazine editor responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Succeed the writing staff and freelance content producers
  • Produce the story ideas for writing staff
  • Support content, arrival, and layout of featured articles
  • Supervise the photography, design and also artwork to use in the publication
  • Encounter with the writers and also artists to discuss the features, layout, and artwork
  • Fulfill with media law and industry rules
  • Directs the regular briefs to writers such as deadlines, writing styles and fees
  • Network activity in the industry events
  • Proofread, correct and rewrite the articles to encounter the publication standards
  • Attend the photoshoots
  • Help all staff to meet the deadlines

The magazine editor requirements 

Besides, there are also some requirements to comply with. Some magazine editor requirements descriptions are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism or communication
  • Having more than 3 years’ experience as a magazine editor
  • Demonstrable experience to produce the relevant content to target audiences
  • Solid writing, editing, and interpersonal skills
  • Capable to nurture a long-term relationship with key publication influencers
  • Great understanding of content management system
  • Capable to work under pressure and meet the deadline
  • Awesome negotiation skills
  • Capable to understand and influence the target audience

The magazine editor FAQs

What does a magazine editor do?

The main duty for a magazine editor is in charge of the articles and reports to publish in the print magazine and also online publications. The duty of the magazine editor is usually written in the magazine editor job description template.

How long does a magazine editor work?

If you look at the sample magazine editor job description, the job can be daunting and stressful. Moreover, the magazine editor job description shows that the job typically nine to five job. Moreover, overtime work is also common especially for article submission deadline before the publication.


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