Line Cook Job Description – What To Know Before Hiring A New Staff



The line cooks are responsible for doing food preparation from preparing and plating according to the menu. They are assigned to work in certain places for example in vegetable prep and grill station. Besides preparing the food, they have responsibilities to maintain the sanitation standard from the food presentation and inventory maintenance. For further explanation, you can read the following resume about the line cook job description.

The Responsibilities In The Line Cook Job Description

Making Preparation

The preparation should be done by the line cooks is preparing the kitchen and stocks. This also includes preparing the dish component from cutting meat, chopping vegetables, and making sauces. They are available to make the work faster and effective and make sure the chefs have sufficient stock to cook.


Besides, the line cooks are also responsible for the food storage by following and safety and health standard. They have to make sure all the inventories are well-maintained which includes preparation and maintaining the left-over food.

Provide Inventory And Stock

The restaurants have very complicated management that they have to make sure there are inventory and stock availability for serving. This is the job of a line cook.

Help The Chef Cooking

The last responsibility of a line cook is to help the chefs cooking based on the chef’s instruction. They are supported also by the kitchen staff.

What Are The Requirements In The Line Cook Job Description?

The main requirements to be fulfilled by a candidate includes:

  • Education background – The main standard that should be fulfilled is the educational background. The candidate must have at least the high school qualification or equivalent. The person also must have at least a 4-year experience in a related field.
  • Skills – The candidate must have the knowledge and good at making preparation and cooking methods. Other skills required include excellent communication, organization, multitasking, and team-work skills.


What’s A Line Cook’s Job?

A line cook helps the chief prepare high-quality meals based on the chef standard and recipes. This includes the responsibilities of maintaining standard sanitation and making sure the inventory stock is available.

What Do You Need To Consider Before Posting The Line Cook Job Description?

There are some aspects that you must consider because this position requires someone to be good at working with the team. He/she must be able to work in the same rhyme with the chef and adopt the same principles as the food serving is dealing with recipe and chef standards.

What Are The Ultimate Duties Of A Line Cook?

The line cook has a list of duties to do which includes stocking inventory, prep station, and also maintaining sanitation standards.

The candidate must have various skills including multi-tasking skills and be able to work with team. This position will play an important role in restaurant growth. Make sure you set a line cook job description clearly. We do hope our tips help you in finding the best candidate.

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