Kitchen Assistant Job Description: Understanding the Duties and Requirements



What do you know about a kitchen assistant? A kitchen assistant is someone who is helping chefs or assisting to prepare cooking ingredients and cleaning duties in the kitchen. Then, in this kitchen assistant job description resume, you will know the duties and requirements of a kitchen assistant.

The Duties in the Kitchen Assistant Job Description

There will be some duties that a quality control manager has to do. Let’s check them one by one.


  1. Set up the standard of hygiene

The first duty of the kitchen assistant is to ensure the standard of hygiene all food preparations. A kitchen assistant has to sanitize the food properly.


  1. Wash the cooking utensils

After finishing the cook, a kitchen assistant must help to wash all appliances in the kitchen. So, the utensils are clean.


  1. Help to prepare cooking ingredients

Then, in this kitchen assistant job description, the assistant helps the chef to wash, clean, peel, cut, and chop. So, the job will finish faster.


  1. Clean the kitchen floors

Next, a kitchen assistant has to sweep and mop the floors. If the kitchen is clean, the next cooking will comfortable for the staff.


  1. Assist and arrange the food supplies

Another duty of a kitchen assistant is that he has a job to help in the unpacking of delivered food supplies and arrange the store food supplies. Also, he transfers food ingredients from storage areas to the kitchen.


  1. Prepare hot beverages

The last duty in this kitchen assistant job description is preparing hot beverages such as soups and sauces. He stirs and heats them.


Some Important Requirements in the Kitchen Assistant Job Description

When you want to apply for this kind of job description, you should include some important requirements. To know it more, let’s check them one by one.


  1. The standard education

The first requirement that you have to fulfill in the kitchen assistant is that you must have standard education in a high school diploma or GED.


  1. Have experience in the kitchen

The next is that you must have proven experience in assisting in kitchens. So, you have

skills to do jobs.


  1. Have a license to handle the food

This is the important requirement, you must have a food handler’s license to convince your job can be accounted for.


  1. Know about of food health

If you do not know about food health and safety regulations, you can not help the chef in the kitchen or you can not do your job well. It will be not safe for staff in the kitchen, also the customers.



What’s a Kitchen Assistant’s Job?

The kitchen assistant has a job to help the staff kitchen in the kitchen. They always help the chef to clean the kitchen and organize the food preparations.


What are the most common duties of this position?

The kitchen assistant has duties of cleaning the kitchen, washing the utensils, and organizing food supplies.


What should you do before posting a kitchen assistant job description?

You need to consider the duties of a kitchen assistant if you want to post the job description of this position.


Well, that is about the essential information that you have to include in the kitchen assistant job description. Apply it well.





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