Key Account Manager Job Description – What You Have To Know About This Position



The key account manager helps the company to maintain the relationship between clients and the company. This position is also responsible for handling various strategies by using the available resources in the company to gain more revenue. If you want to learn further about the key account manager job description, you can follow the article below.

The Responsibilities In The Key Account Manager Job Description

Maintaining the relationship

The key account manager has to maintain the relationship between key clients and the company. With a good relationship, the company can have mutual benefits that are good for the long term. The key clients here are the people who bring the most income to the company. Then how they maintain the complaints? They have to address the complaints by the clients and make them the priority, for example, acting as the main contact point.


The next task that must be done by a key account manager is to supervise the teams in handling the clients. They also cooperate with the design, advertising, logistic, sales, and marketing departments to meet the clients’ needs.

Making reports

Besides, the key account manager must also make reports which include forecasts, progress, and goals. They must report this to the stakeholders.


The last task of a key account manager is to do the negotiation in terms of the contract. The manager must meet the long term goals of the clients. The manager needs to develop a good understanding in terms of customers’ needs.

The Requirements In The Key Account Manager Job Description

  • Educational Background – The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in the related field for example finance, business administration, and sales. He/she must have experience in the key account management.
  • Skills – The candidate must have various skills for example computing, writing reports, handling multiple accounts, negotiation, leadership, communication, and customer service skills.


What Are A Key Account Manager’s Works?

A key account is responsible for handling and maintaining the key clients in the company. They will develop strategies to increase the company’s revenue and make sure the clients are satisfied with the products and services. They are obligated to use the resources of the company to implement various strategies to achieve the long terms goal.

What Are To Consider Before Writing The Key Account Manager Job Description?

Hiring a key account manager requires you to carefully look at many aspects of the company. You need someone who loves details and has good management skills. Besides, understand also various aspects of the company so you can align it in your writing. Look at the responsibilities, skills, and experience in a detailed way. In this way, you will only hire the best candidate who has a good intention to help you develop the company.

What Are The Ultimate Tasks Of A Key Account Manager?

The main tasks of a key account manager are attending meetings, workshops, and conventions. The person also has to find strategies to gain more revenue and increase customers’ satisfaction. In this case, the manager must maintain a good relationship with the clients.

With all of the responsibilities, tasks, and requirements we have provided above, we hope you will meet the best candidate that can develop your business.

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