General Laborer Job Description – Requirements and Skills You Must Have



A general laborer performs a manual task that is distributed by the supervisors. Generally, they perform heavy duties in construction projects such as operating tools, receiving goods, and also clean and maintain the working environment. If you are curious about the general laborer job description, you can read the following article.

The Responsibilities In The General Laborer Job Description

Operating the tools

One of the obvious job for a general laborer is operating the construction machines and equipment properly. He or she must have a strong knowledge in using the equipment properly based on its function. Besides, he must do this under the safety standard.

Tools maintenance

Besides operating and using the equipment, the general laborer also has the responsibility to maintain the equipment after using it and maintain it for long term use. This includes cleaning the equipment, fixing, and checking them regularly. This is done for the laborers too which will save their time and even their lives during the heavy duties.

Performing construction jobs

Another obvious job done by the general laborer is scaffolding, loading or unloading the material, and also checking the hazards and obstacles.

Doing the supervisor instructions

The next is following the orders from the supervisors properly as well as assisting the craft workers. The instruction from the supervisors also includes joining the job training if it is necessary so they can perform construction projects based on the standard of the company.

The Requirements In The general Laborer Job Description

  • Academic background – To work as a general laborer, there is no specific degree except having a high school diploma and driver’s license.
  • Skills – Because this position requires you to perform various heavy duties, you are required to work under pressure and perform various physical tasks. Besides, you must be reliable and punctual. having strong stamina and good postures are a must!


What Are The General Laborer’s Jobs?

A general laborer’s job is responsible for handling various tasks which are mostly about performing heavy duties such as operating construction tools and vehicles as well as performing construction sites.

How Should You prepare To Become A Professional General laborer?

To become a professional general laborer, you have to able to perform a lot of tasks related to heavy duties. In this case, you are required to have a strong body and good stamina. Furthermore, to be a general laborer, you have to understand the instruction and order and then carry it efficiently.

What Are The Prominent Duties Of A General Laborer?

Generally, the general laborers have to perform heavy duties such as operating heavy tools, doing construction projects, and also receiving goods.

If you are planning to work in this field, you should not worry a lot as this job doesn’t require specific degrees, but strong stamina. Furthermore, having an organizational skill is preferred as you will always work in a team. However, understanding the general laborer job description will help you make better preparation. We do hope this will give you a clear idea.

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