9+ Executive Resume Template


Executive Resume Template

when applying for an executive position, the most needed skill is the managerial skill and experience. At least, someone can handle people in a small group. If you have these qualifications, then you can think about how you will write the resume. You can rely on the executive resume template and check our short guidelines below.

The Sample Of Executive Resume Template

Bryan Imanuel

Personal Info

Phone: (666)676-878-898

Email: Bryan.imanuel@gmail.com


Highly dedicated sales executive with 5 years experience, skillful in digital marketing strategies and communication. Seeking to increase the ABC Company’s KPI. Raised the revenue by 10%, decreased marketing budget by 7%, and grew business by 35% at Pharma.Inc.


Sales Executive



  • Led the sales team to cooperate with the IT team, making it more effective in handling the online selling.
  • Generated revenue by boosting influencer marketing, FB Ads, SEO strategies. Increased the revenue by 10% and cut the cost by 7%.
  • Forecasted the marketing budget, and the trend of the marketing strategies to stay floating among high competitors.

Vice President

Air Brand Community


  • Conducting national digital marketing meet up, 2019
  • Conducting a digital marketing training for small business owners in Hamilton’s rural area, 2018
  • Conducting a marketing workshop for fresh graduates in University Peninsula, 2017


MBA, Imperial College


Received MBA with a concentration in digital marketing

GPA: 3.9

Relevant Coursework: SEO, FB Ads, Ecommerce Marketing

Membership: Air Brand Community

Key Skills

  • Research
  • Customer retention
  • Interpersonal
  • New business development
  • Leadership


  • For a class project in 2014 – sold 500 units ventilator in a week
  • Best Graduate with the highest GPA


  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Mandarin

What To Include In An Executive Resume?

The principle of writing an executive resume is the same as others. You need to pay more attention to your qualifications that make the employer think you are the best candidate. Here are some tips to follow:

  • Write an executive summary that states you are a professional
  • shows your impact in the previous company in terms of business
  • Always include your proficiency as a professional such as employee development, acquisitions, mergers, etc
  • Highlight things that relate to your work targets

How Many Pages Should An Executive Resume Be?

There is no valid rule on the length of the resume. However, ideally, it will be two pages. These two pages are enough to cover all of your qualifications. As a professional, you already know what is important and not to be included in your resume.

What Are The Best Fonts For Writing An Executive Resume?

The best fonts for writing a resume are not only Times New Roman. If you are thinking about fresh styles, you can use the following:

  • Arial, Calibri
  • Garamond
  • Baskerville
  • Georgia
  • Trebuchet MS

Is It Good To Hire A Resume Writer?

Because applying as an executive requires you to write a professional one,  or you are probably busy with your stuff and want to save your time, hiring a professional writer is not a bad idea. However, consider some factors like making sure the writer knows your best qualifications. Because you are the ones who have a great experience, you know yourself more than the professional writers. Besides, be careful of scammers. The most important thing is to find a professional writer that understands your values.

Kinds Of Executive Resume Templates

Account Executive Resume Sample

If you are a professional who is looking for a new position, then this resume template is for you. It comes with a fresh layout without making too much messy look. The design is still simple and very impressive to be used by professionals.

Admission Executive Resume Template

This template is designed for everyone who is looking for a position in the university or college. If your focus is on the recruitments, then you are right to use this template because it helps you highlight the important sample resume.

Executive Resume Templates

If you are looking for a versatile executive resume template, here you go! This template cuts your time in preparing yourself before heading to the employer’s table. Show your best potential using this template.

Admin Executive Resume Template

Even though a resume is not everything, but you know this is the first door for a big chance for your career path. This is why you need to start considering your resume from now on. Download only the best template that highlights your potential.

sales Executive Resume Template

Is your passion in the marketing industry? Then you have to apply as a sales executive. This is a perfect resume template for the sales executive position. This can be customized and edited directly.

Senior Executive Resume Template

A professional sometimes don’t waste time on making a resume. They do more on networking. However, a resume is still important to make you look professional in front of the employer. Besides, they need this document as a formal screening process.

Business Process Executive Resume

It is crucial to have a professional resume when you are applying for a position, especially for a prestigious one. This template is the best tool to help you look standout in front of the employer.

Healthcare Executive Resume Template

Working in a health center requires a different resume format because you have some details that need to be displayed. This template is a perfect choice that you can utilize to impress the employer.

Insurance Executive Resume

Are you passionate to work in an insurance company? Then this template must be for you. It comes with a standard design and layouts but this makes you stand out in front of the hiring manager. A professional needs something simpler and more effective. This template can help you achieve your dream position.

Jewel Executive Resume Sample

This is a template designed for someone who is looking for an executive position in the jewel industry. This template is designed professionally that allows you to show your best potential.


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