Engineering Technician Job Description and Its Required Qualifications


An engineering technician is a person who works alongside an engineer, helping with design, research, evaluation & quality control processes. An engineering technician usually works in aerospace, computer, industrial, mechanical, civil or environmental engineering. The engineering technician job description is to handle tasks assigned by an engineer. He or she also writes reports & updates records.

Engineering Technician Job Description Template

We are hiring an engineering technician now. We invite you to join our company. An engineering technician performs research, builds prototypes, inspects products, ensures that sites are clean & safe, provides customer supports, and reports to the supervising engineer.

As an engineering technician, you must be able to troubleshoot equipment, effectively communicate under pressure and also provide effective suggestions for an improvement. To be a good candidate for this position, you have to pay attention to this engineering technician job description template.

Engineering Technician Job Responsibilities

There are many tasks & duties that will be given to our new engineering technician. So, all the candidates who apply for this position must be familiar with the engineering technician job responsibilities as presented in the following list:

  • Works alongside an engineer for designing, building, and testing solutions to different technical problems
  • Inspects and modifies the existing designs & prototypes
  • Conducts research, collects data and writes daily reports
  • Uses CAD software in order to develop designs and implements feedbacks from engineers
  • Runs tests, diagnostics & calibrations
  • Conducts experiments & investigations under the engineers’ guidance
  • Inspects inventory & reorders materials as well as technical components
  • Analyzes operations & offers suggestions for an improvement
  • Maintains records and helps with presentations
  • Attends conferences and participates in other learning & growth chances

Engineering Technician Job Requirements

There are some qualifications required to those who want to apply for this job position. All the candidates have to meet the engineering technician job requirements as presented in the following list:

  • High school diploma
  • A relevant certification or license
  • Associate’s degree in the similar field especially in Engineering Technology
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Great organizational skills and good attention to detail
  • Time management and strong skills of customer service
  • Excellent knowledge of health & safety
  • Ability of collaborating and remaining professional & calm in a fast-paced environment
  • Superb skills of writing & presentation
  • Willingness to learn & working overtime if required

Engineering Technician Job Description FAQs

What does an engineering technician do in a company?

Working alongside an engineer, an engineering technician handles tasks assigned by an engineer. He or she also writes reports & updates records.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Yes, you can. You are allowed to add or remove the details in the editable engineering technician job description template easily.

Do you have interview questions for an engineering technician?

We do not only provide the engineering technician job description but also a collection of interview question samples on another page on this web.


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