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Using an Email Signature Template to Level up Your Email Marketing Strategy


There are various ways to end an email. Like a common handwritten letter, it will be better if it is ended with the sender’s signature. In this digital world, you can digitalize your signature through a scanning process then attaching it as your signature. However, it does not look so professional, and it is not showing who you are completely. To end the email professionally without losing a chance to introduce yourself, using email signature template should help. The signature template is perfect for those who fancy an artsy, professional, and modern-looking signature. Below are some nitty-gritty of the email signature.

Better Engagement with Email Signature Template


In digital era, email marketing remains to be one of the frequently-used marketing tools. Emails allow the marketer to reach for customers on a more personal level, compared to other media. But oftentimes, the receiver doesn’t even read the first paragraph. Here are three reasons why. First, according to a source, from all 3.9 billion users, a user receives 121 emails per day on average. Most of them are not private ones and most likely to be ad emails. Second, most ad emails are wordy, and the last nothing that grips the reader’s interest.

By using an email signature template, you can have a better engagement with your readers since you provide something to gain their eyes’ attention. Moreover, the open rates are believed to be 26% improved once you give more personalization to the email. One of those personalization tips is to make a nice email signature.


Choosing an Email Signature Template


There are many types of templates out there, but how to choose the right one?


Choose a less-colorful template. It means, less color combination the better. Too many colors will make a not-professional impression.

Enough space to put your personal information, like your office address, phone number, social media, and your photo (optional).

Less use of ornaments, choosing one template with fewer ornaments means building your email signature to be more concise and professional.

How to Customize an Email Signature Template


You can download the email signature template from many sources on the internet. There are many sites that offer beautiful designs with many choices of hue. Some template providers also provide paid templates which usually bring more decent touch to the design. Pick one that fits your preferences, but make sure that you own the application to customize the template.

After you download the template, you can open it up on the image editor application. Fill in the blank spaces with proper information about yourself. Then, save and export it to render the template file into an image.


Email Signature Template Post-Use


After using the template, you can either save it for next time use. Then, use the image obtained from email signature template as your signature. For that, you can open the email settings then find the option that enables you to customize the signature. Normally, you can add texts and attach an image as well. Although you can add up to 10,000 characters (in Google Mail), it is always better to keep it short and concise.

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