Dispatcher Job Description and Its FAQ

For a shipping or emergency service industry, a dispatcher has an important role and it influences the running of the company. The importance of a dispatcher could be seen from the dispatcher job description. An individual in this position will have a job to respond to the emergency or non-emergency call from a company. They also need to monitor routes, record call information, and others.

Dispatcher Job Description Template

Since a dispatcher has an important role, for a company, having a high-skilled agent is a must. Through a talented dispatcher, of course, all jobs can be handled well. On another hand, the maintenance of call logs, the monitor of the route, and others could be done without problems.

For a company that wants to recruit a new dispatcher, using a template of the job description could be a helpful effort. A template shows the default information that the recruiter should write. On another hand, the template of a dispatcher job description also could be an additional reference.

Then, for a candidate, to be a successful dispatcher, they need to have a good ability in multi-tasking, especially to handle the stressful condition. On another hand, a dispatcher also should be a good communicator, since they will have business with many people.

Dispatcher Responsibilities

Managing the calling becomes the main responsibility for a dispatcher. However, besides the main task, an individual in this position has some other responsibilities to handle. The responsibilities are:

  • Answering the emergency and non-emergency calls
  • Preparing the documents for any important information
  • Responding to any issues and following up by making coordination with the appropriate department
  • Using the phone, radio, and computer to direct and to lead the crews
  • Prioritizing and organizing the incoming calls based on the urgency
  • Supervising the route and status of the fields unit to prioritize the schedule
  • Maintaining and updating the call records, call logs and other important documentation

Dispatcher Requirements

To handle some responsibilities as above, a candidate for a dispatcher should fulfill some requirements. The common requirements to be fulfilled in the joining phase are:

  • High school diploma for last education or equivalent qualifications
  • Proven experiences in a similar role
  • Strong knowledge of the procedures and processes of emergency
  • Excellent skills in communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proficient in MS Office with high experience in data entry
  • Ability to work under pressure and being a hard-worker

Dispatcher FAQ:

What does dispatcher do?

Managing the calling becomes the main task of a dispatcher. However, providing the best strategy to handle the needs of a company becomes an unseparated job that this agent should handle.

Can I customize the available dispatcher job description?

Yes, you can. The available job description of a dispatcher here is editable. You may get it through clicking the download button. After it, edit the information inside the document using Microsoft Word.

What to include in making a dispatcher job description?

Writing about the qualification of a good dispatcher is needed to be done. Then, do not forget to write about the facilities that a selected agent will get inside the dispatcher job description.

Description: A dispatcher job description is an important document for a reference for those who want to join a company to fulfill this position and handle some responsibilities.


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