CPA Job Description and its Qualification 


A CPA or Certified Public Accountants are a part of the accounting job that will make sure the complete compliance with all state and federal regulation. They also will maintain and monitor the financial record so that a CPA should be able to read correctly and interpret what the financial records mean. Therefore, you need a CPA job description to hire a good candidate to work with you.

The CPA job description template ideas

Looking for a CPA should be careful because they have an important role in their workplace. You have to look for a highly-analytical Certified Public Accountant to join a talented accounting department. A CPA also will accomplish the goal of successfully managing the company’s tax and financial process and perform various tasks.

Besides, a CPA also will fill all tax forms, perform the regular audit, and also analyze the business transaction. In other words, they play an important role to prepare the tax returns during the tax season.

To succeed in this CPA, you also need to have a comprehensive understanding of bookkeeping, auditing, and also budgeting process. A top candidate for a CPA is a professional with excellent communication and organization skills.

The responsibilities of the CPA 

A CPA has some responsibilities that should be known for the candidates. Some CPA responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Establish and update the financial records as needed including digital and physical
  • Investigate the transaction and prepare the reports
  • Do regular, detailed audits to make sure the accuracy in the financial documents, expenditures, and also investments
  • Work together with the employees on income tax research and planning
  • Follow the periodic audits to guarantee accuracy in financial records, expenses, and also savings
  • Manage and file all federal, state and local income tax documents
  • Improve and implement effective accounting policies and process
  • Make sure remaining up to date industry changes in regulations
  • Reply to tax and accounting related to the issues
  • Supervise the ledger reconciliation and manage the accounts payable or receivable

The responsibilities of a CPA 

Besides, you also need to fulfill some requirements to be a CPA. Some CPA requirement descriptions are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or a relevant field
  • Minimally 5 years’ experience as a public accountant
  • CPA certification is needed
  • Excellent tax understanding of local, state and federal regulation
  • Outstanding attention to detail with solid analytical skills
  • Strong knowledge of accounting software and MS Office
  • Great communication and organizational skills


What are the characteristics of a CPA job?

Based on the sample CPA job description above, the characteristics of this job are many. As a CPA, you need to have high attention to detail. Besides, you also need to understand and utilize a good accounting practice to remain legally compliant for the employer and also the clients.

How much is a CPA job Salary?

The CPA job description template does not explain about the salary amount. Moreover, the salary expectation for a CPA is quite good. The salary in the CPA is usually included in the individual CPA job description.


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