Coroner Job Description – What Are The Requirements?



A coroner is also called the medical examiner which the primary duties are determining and certifying the death person under jurisdiction. They are also responsible for conducting inquest if it is needed. However, each state has different requirements for this position and usually, the coroners are qualified medical doctors. Learn further about the coroner job description bellow.

The Responsibilities In The Coroner Job Description

Conducting autopsies

One of the main tasks of a coroner is to conduct autopsies and supervising the medical examiners when performing this task. During this process, the coroner will be able to determine the cause of the death, time, and manner of the deceased of the individuals. He or she also establishes the identity of the individual.

Doing administration tasks

Another task to perform by a coroner is to do administrative tasks such as giving death certificates with its cause and manner. he or she must record and keep every information related to death.


The coroner’s job is also to supervise other staff in removing the bodies with appropriate equipment.

The Requirements In The Coroner Job description

The requirements to be fulfilled if you want to be in this position are as follow:

  • Academic background – The candidate must at least from Law or Medicine or other related fields. The candidate must also at least have completed the bachelor’s degree and qualified for a solicitor, barrister, or medical doctor. he or she must be experienced in this field.
  • Skills – The candidate must have strong knowledge in-laws and also it’s regulation. He or she must have communication, interpersonal, administration, computer, and analytical skills.

The candidate needs to have analytical and problem-solving skills. The love for details is also the main requirements to be successful in this field.


What’s A Coroner’s Job?

A coroner performs various jobs related to deceased individuals. They examine within the jurisdiction to know the reasons behind someone’s death and supervising staff during autopsies. They record important information about the individual’s data related to death.

What Are Steps To Become A Professional Coroner?

To be a professional coroner, you must be able to perform a task that focuses on details. You have to work diligently and with integrity for the benefits of everyone related to someone’s death.

What Are The Prominent Tasks Of A Coroner’s Job?

Some main jobs must be performed by a coroner. Generally, it includes issuing death certificates, maintaining death records, notifying family members, conducting inquests, and supervising the staff during autopsies.

If you are planning to work in this position, make sure you have a strong commitment because this is not an easy job. It is important to have a strong mind because your job is always dealing with terrible cases of someones’ death. Also, you need to be committed enough to not spread the crucial data for another party because it is harmful.

We hope our coroner job description helps you in preparing your resume and interview. Good luck!

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