Controller Job Description and its requirements 


The controller has a big role in the company. They are accountable for the accounting operations of the company such as the production of the periodic financial reports and maintenance of an adequate system. Besides, they also will enhance the accuracy of the company’s reported financial results. Therefore, you need to create a controller job description that will help you to get the best candidate.

The controller job description templates 

Since it has a big role in the company, you need to be careful to choose an experienced controller. The experienced controller will be responsible for the accurate and timely financial management of the organization. The scope of the controller position is much larger in a small business because they also will be responsible for cash management and risk management.

Besides, in a larger company, the controller also will have additional responsibilities to the reassure and chief financial officer. Moreover, they also will enhance the accuracy of the company’s reported financial result.

The successful controller usually has responsibility for accounting operations. They also will have production of periodic financial reports to maintain the accounting records.

The responsibilities of the controller

As a controller, you will have some responsibilities to know. Some controller responsibilities descriptions are:

  • Improve the internal control guideline, policies, and also procedures for budget accounting, cash and credit management
  • Work together and directing the budget, procurement, investment activities and also financial planning
  • Make sure the compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements and also professional standards
  • Start and maintain financial control with the accounting department
  • Prepare and offer financial reports and risk analysis
  • Make a schedule for budget
  • Lead the financial decisions by starting, monitoring, and also enforcing the policies and procedures
  • Give the support for the management, particularly in the commercial and financial matters
  • Make a report to help the senior leadership understanding the company financial

The requirements of the controller

To be a controller, you also need to fulfill the requirements. Some controller requirements descriptions are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business or accounting or related field
  • Show the work experience in accounting or related field
  • Experience of applicable laws and regulations
  • Experience of economic principles, financial markets, and also banking
  • Experience of financial data analysis and reporting
  • Understanding of payroll, account payable and account receivable functions
  • Capable to deliver the quality work on tight deadlines with strong organization and priority setting skills
  • Show experience in financial project management
  • Capable to communicate financial information into sound business languages

The Controller FAQs

How are the working conditions of a controller?

As you see in the controller job description template, the primary condition of this job is an office environment. Besides, they also will be expected to travel as needed to company subsidiaries as well as to potential acquires to conduct the diligence.

Can I edit the controller job description here?

The sample controller job description here is editable. It means that you can edit and change any information in the controller job description suitable to your company’s needs. Because of that, you will get the best candidate to work for your company.


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