Content Marketing Manager Job Description – What Skills And Requirements To Have?


A content marketing manager is responsible for providing content to increase brand awareness and traffic that will increase sales. Their contents provided are not only good to read, but it should be shareable and useful for the company and customers. Besides, the content marketing manager must share it through various platforms. To learn further, read our summary about the content marketing manager job description bellow.

The Requirements In The Content Marketing Manager Job description

Develop content strategies

The content strategies include deciding what kind of contents that must be written. This must follow the guidelines provided by the clients. If the clients don’t provide guidelines, the content managers are the one who decides what kind of contents that suit the business.

Doing Research

Even though generally, the content marketing manager provides content, he/she must do research include keyword research that will be generated into contents. The keywords do matter to the development of the websites because this how the websites will perform in front of the search engines.

Creating engagements

Besides posting the contents, the content manager must make an engagement with the audience. This includes replying to comments and listen to the feedback.

Measuring the results

A content manager must evaluate the contents and see the result for future strategies.


Budgeting is another responsibility of a content marketing manager. With certain budgets given by the clients, the manager should adjust it with the service.

Manage The Team

A content marketing manager works with a team in which one of them is the writer. The manager must manage the writers, train them, and correct their writings before posting it.

Requirements In The Content Marketing Manager Job Description

  • Academic background – The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree. It is not specified from certain degrees as long as the candidate has experience in this field especially writing and managing content.
  • Skills – The skills required include good at writing and editing. The candidate must have strong analytical thinking. He/she must be able to use Google Analytics, Keyword planner tools, Google Trends, and many more to help to decide the strategies.


What Are The  Content Marketing Manager’s Prominent Roles?

The content manager is assigned to increase brand awareness through content. the task performed includes creating content for websites based on the SEO principles. The contents must be sustainable and useful for visitors and the company. It should give information to potential customers and lead to sales.

What Are To Prepare Before Applying For This Position?

being a content marketing manager requires you to have a good skill at writing. You also have to be able to figure out the current trend. You are required to conduct researches that will be last longer. Besides, analytical skill is required too.

What Do Content Marketing Manager Do Regarding With Their Tasks?

The main duties of a content marketing manager include providing content from clients based on the specifications and details. he/she must make sure the contents are Grammarly-free mistakes.

To sum up, a content marketing manager is one of the most crucial assets in a marketing agency. Their work must be in the long run. This is why a content marketing manager is not only required to have a good skill at writing, but also research and analytical skills.

By reading our content marketing job description, we hope you have better preparation for your job application.

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