10+ Computer Science Resume Examples


Computer Science Resume Examples

Working in the computer science industry is no longer a new thing these days. A lot of career opportunities are open for entry-level positions to the professionals that require specific requirements and qualifications to have. It has been proven that working in the computer science industry can be rewarding although it can be challenging as well.

If you are planning to apply for a job that is related to computer science, this article will provide you with complete guidance on some computer science resume examples and few resume templates that you can choose to save your time.

Computer Science Student Resume with No Experience

The sample below is designed for the student with no experience as the computer science industry offers numerous entry-level careers for graduate students.

David Albert

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 123-456-789

Email: davidalbert@email.com


A graduate of Computer Science from ABC Computer College with a GPA of 3.85 is seeking a career opportunity at XYZ Inc. to fill in the entry-level position of Computer Science. With a strong understanding of language programming, software development, and mathematics skills, I have collaborated with few projects in supporting application development during my internship.


Internship at Gaming Inc.


  • Participated in assisting the development of game applications in team
  • Thinking of the concept, plot, main characters, and point system of the game applications
  • Assisting the making of game blueprint
  • Coordinating with the security department to design the game security control
  • Developing the scripts and tools for the game applications
  • Testing the game applications for evaluation
  • Successfully contributed to company’s improvement revenue from the game application created by 10%


Master of Computer Science at ABC Computer College, 2017 – 2019

Bachelor of Computer Science at ABC Computer College, 2014 – 2017

GPA: 3.85

Relevant Coursework: Internship in a gaming company for a year, a speaker in a seminar for high schoolers about Being Successful as a Computer Science Student.

Graduation: 2019

Membership: Community of Computer Science Students at ABC Computer College, Associations of Computer Science Students

Key Skills

  • Strong language programming skills
  • Strong software and hardware development
  • Detailed-oriented and good problem-solving skill
  • Strong mathematics skill
  • Good communication skill

Achievements and Certifications

  • A speaker for Being Successful as a Computer Science Student seminar held by ABC Vocational High School in 2019
  • Breakthrough Idea during Internship at Gaming Inc., 2018
  • Best Students’ GPA, 2019


  • English
  • France

How to Write a Computer Science Resume Example

When you are serious about getting a job in the computer science field, your resume has to follow these certain rules.

  • Strong objective or professional summary. No matter whether you apply for a higher computer science position or an entry-level one, the professional summary has to show it all. It has to be written to show your experience, skills, and next contributions to the organization you apply for in brief.
  • Highlight your relevant skills. Be specific in writing your skills, choose the relevant ones that connect to your job in the computer science field.
  • Include relevant experience. Any experience will do but employers will look at the experience in the computer science field to see how good your ability is.

What Makes a Good Computer Science Resume?

There are ways to create a good impression on employers once they read your resume.

Crucial Skills to Write on Computer Science Resume Examples

It is stated that relevant and specific skills in computer science will work wonders. So, here we compile several important skills for you to include on your resume.

  • Strong knowledge in software development
  • Knowledge in computer hardware engineering
  • Language programming skill
  • Basic computer and technology skill
  • Excellent mathematics skill
  • Problem-solving and organizational skills

Kinds of Computer Science Resume Templates

If you plan to focus on other hiring preparation and find a resume template to save your time, here are some samples that you can choose.

Download Diploma Computer Science Resume Template

This resume template is designed for applicants who have a diploma in computer science. It is also downloadable which allows the applicants to edit it based on their needs.

Download Computer Science Graduate Resume

As a computer science graduate, this resume template allows you to have a powerful career objective and good information of your academic background and relevant skills.

Computer Science Resume Example

This resume template offers the choice to be used for an entry-level position or professionals. It creates a good professional summary that is editable based on the applicant’s experience.

Basic Computer Science Resume Template

If you are looking for a simple computer science resume, this is a good choice for you. The basic resume format gives easy access for the readers to identify information as it has a clean and neat information section.

Computer Science Professor Resume Example

To apply for a professor in computer science, one must have outstanding professional experience and numerous achievements listed on the resume. This resume template facilitates you in having all the information written in a professional structure format.

Entry-Level Computer Science Resume in Word

When you target an entry-level position, this resume template is the best choice to use. Using a functional resume format, this template is written in Ms. Word that allows you to edit it easily.

Computer Science Internship Resume Format

For an internship, this resume template focuses on the strong skills that can help the employers to give you the opportunity in having experience in their organization.

Computer Science Teacher Resume Template

This resume template is designed specifically for a computer science teacher. It can be used for schools or universities. The work experience section is the highlight of this template.

Ph.D. Student Computer Science Resume

For post-graduate students, you can use this resume template in giving the importance of your professional experience and academic qualifications. It also saves your time in creating a good resume.

Computer Science Student Resume in Word

When you are a student and want to have some experience, this resume template will show you the best sample to land a job. It highlights your experience in a related field, your relevant skills, and a strong profile summary.




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