Clinical Coordinator Job Description and FAQs


A clinical coordinator is a person who oversees the daily operations of a healthcare department or program. He or she performs administrative tasks & duties such as to coordinate teams of care for patients and act as a liaison between health care professionals, patients, and patient families. For the clinical coordination job description in more detailed, you can see the following template.

Clinical Coordinator Job Description Template

In this role, you will oversee budgets, hire & train staff as well as develop & implement protocols and policies of clinic. Usually, a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration or nursing is required. A working experience in clinical settings also belongs to the requirements.

It is very important to know the detailed responsibilities a clinical coordinator will have to do. Besides that, you also have to know about the qualifications required. The following clinical coordinator job description template will present it all.

Clinical Coordinator Job Responsibilities

We are hiring a clinical coordinator now. A clinical coordinator has some task and duties to do every day. Below, we list down the clinical coordinator job responsibilities in detailed:

  • Coordinates care plans for patients by leasing with medical professions and all needed care providers to make sure that the needs of patients are met
  • Uses computer software in order to admit & discharge patients, refer patients to specialist as required, and coordinate follow-up appointments
  • Masterminds ways to increase patient care quality provided by the healthcare facility
  • Works to make effective workflows and systems in the clinic
  • Attends departmental meetings and stays up to date on business initiatives that relate to the clinic
  • Collects and inputs data, financial info, and insurance info of patients into computer system
  • Manages the clinic budget and makes sure that the facility is equipped well to provide best line service
  • Meets with patients and their families to make sure that their needs are met as well as resolve all complaints or problems that arise

Clinical Coordinator Job Requirements

There are some qualifications required to those who apply for this position. All the candidates have to meet the following clinical coordinator requirements:

  • Working experience in a clinical setting
  • Success in leadership roles
  • Excellent skills of computer and familiar with Ms. Office programs
  • Great skills of interpersonal communication
  • Ability of exercising empathy when working with patients & their families
  • Strong skills of organizational & time management
  • Understanding of clinical laws, regulations, and procedures
  • Medical terminology knowledge
  • Driver’s license and proof of insurance
  • Ability of speaking a second language can be a plus

Clinical Coordinator FAQs

What does a clinical coordinator do?

A clinical coordinator oversees the daily operations of a healthcare department or program.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Yes, you can. You are allowed to customize the editable clinical coordinator job description posted here.

Do you have interview questions for a clinical coordinator?

Besides the clinical coordinator job description, you can also find interview question samples.


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