10+ Chronological Resume Templates


Chronological Resume Templates

When writing a resume, you must include several important elements such as employment history, education, and others. You must write all these important aspects in neat order. Whatever the type of job you are applying for, you must pay attention to the structure of the writing. We provide several chronological resume templates for your inspiration.

This is different from a functional resume, a chronological format can attract the attention of potential employers because of its professional composition. It doesn’t matter whether you want to apply for an entry-level position or an experienced one, using a template is the easiest solution.

Chronological Resume Sample

Below is an example of a chronological resume for an assistant editor. You can pay attention to the elements:

Thomas Gutierrez

Personal Info

Phone: (444) -333-334-333

Email: Thomas_gutierrez@gmail.com


An experienced assistant editor is skilled in graphic designing and insightful with a journalist bachelor’s degree (3.6/4.0). To obtain a position as an assistant editor to leverage my ability and 3+ years of experience in writing columns, articles, and checking papers accurately.


Assistant Editor

1) Starry Night Company


  • Working closely with the editor in chief to plan new articles
  • Implementing SEO to increase website traffic
  • Correcting and checking the articles that will be published
  • Choosing pictures, illustrations, or videos that can support the article

2) Fact And Celeb Media


  • Collaborating with the team in targeting articles for content
  • Keeping up with the latest developments regarding the latest news, viral news, and celeb
  • Using social media to attract readers’ attention to read published articles
  • Correcting incoming articles and editing some necessary things


Hellen State University

Journalism Education


GPA: 3.6

Relevant Coursework: Writes and edits various types of articles, especially news stories. Understand media concepts, laws, and ethics.

Membership: Chairman of the Young Writer Organization “Arendt Club”

Key Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Experience with SEO
  • Experience with social media platforms
  • Proficiency in English
  • Strong writing skills
  • Great proofreading skills


  • The best young article writer in a national event entitled “Care for Schizophrenia”, 2020
  • 2nd winner of Opinion Writing Competition on Feminism and Gender, 2020


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • France

How To Write A Chronological Resume?

A chronological resume is a resume format that can grab the attention of potential employers. To make a resume of this type, there are a few things you can pay attention to. Like the following aspects:

  • Your resume should include personal information including your phone number, name, and email.
  • Enter a summary of up to two sentences containing a summary of your qualifications and experience.
  • Write down your experiences and education.
  • Summarize the skills you have.
  • Also include some important things such as awards or organizational experiences that you have done.

Why Do I Have To Write A Chronological Resume?

If you ask whether a resume should be written chronologically, then the answer is yes. The reason is simple, it has to do with the recruiter not having enough time to review a large pile of resumes.

Your resume will also be seen at a glance, so create the ideal resume with relevant skills and proficiency. Don’t forget to write down your experience in a concise, clear, and weighty way.

When Should I Use A Chronological Resume?

Several things can be your background in using a chronological resume. So, you can use chronological resume templates when:

  • You are experienced workers with the job you are applying for.
  • You enjoy working in the same field and have always been the same
  • You have followed an appropriate gradual career path

What Is the Composition of A Chronological Resume?

  • Your name and personal information
  • Short career objectives
  • Work experience accompanied by years of work
  • Education
  • Organizational experience
  • The skills you have
  • Language skill

Kinds of Chronological Resume Templates

If you have trouble making your resume template manually, you can use the following templates:

Professional Chronological Resume

To make a resume that looks professional, you have to include several important aspects in it. This format can give your resume a more classy, professional, and memorable impression.

Worksheet Chronological Resume

Want to use an easy-to-edit resume in worksheet format? Then you can use this format. Customize some of the elements in it yourself to produce a resume that fits.

Engineering Chronological Resume

Making a resume is a little difficult for some people. The biggest difficulty in compiling a resume lies in the format or template. So you can use an existing template for a way out.

Chronological Resume For Teacher

If you are an experienced teacher, you can also use this format as a solution. Make a classy resume impression for potential employers to hire immediately.

Pharmacy Chronological Resume

Working as a pharmacy will provide its own experience in your life. You can also contribute to the benefit of others. Get to your target job with a great resume.

Chronological Simple Resume Design

The simple resume format also has a writing style with an attractive arrangement. Recruiters are sure to be impressed by the resume you write.

Chronological Resume For Administrative

If you need a template that is easy and has an attractive appearance, this resume format is a must-consider. You will love some of the aspects of it.

Basic Chronological Resume

Among the several chronological resume templates available, the Basic template is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be too complicated in editing. You can write down your experiences in an existing column.

General Design Chronological Resume

If you like resume essays that are common and used by many people, the general design is the most appropriate solution. Determine your style in writing a resume using the available format. Try this resume and see for yourself that you can make a classy resume.

Management Chronological Resume

This resume is suitable for those of you who already have a lot of work experience. Note that you should not miss any of the experiences you will ever have. Try this design to grab the attention of the recruiter.


Chronological Resume Templates Sample



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