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Business continuity refers to the function of maintaining a business or to quickly resume operations after a disaster. Such as those caused by fires, floods, epidemic diseases or dangerous attacks on the Internet. A business continuity plan outlines the procedures that must be followed in dealing with the disaster. It includes business processes, business partners, assets, human resources, and more.

Business continuity plan templates and samples help you to create your business continuity plan. The business continuity plan is designed to protect vital business processes from damage or natural disasters or human actions, and losses resulting from the unavailability of normal business processes (routine, as usual).

Learn What Business Continuity Plan Templates And Samples Are Like

Many people think that disaster recovery and business continuity plan templates are the same things. The disaster recovery plan focuses on recovering IT infrastructure and operations after the crisis. This is only one part of a complete business continuity plan, for the sustainability of the company’s operations.

1.  A sample of a business continuity plan in a company

If the building your customer service is flooded and has lost electricity, do you know how they can handle customer calls? Do they work from home for a while? or can they work from alternative locations? Some companies like selling access to disaster recovery center rooms that include desks, telephones, and computers in their recovery centers.

Note that business impact analysis is another part of the business continuity plan. Business impact analysis identifies sudden impacts on the loss of business functions, usually measured in costs. The analysis also helps you evaluate whether you should outsource non-core activities in your business continuity plan. The business impact analysis helps you see the whole process of the organization and determine which is the most important.

2.  How to write a business continuity plan: simple and easy

Before you know how to write it, you should learn things related to business continuity plan templates and samples. Because it will help you in the next step.

If your organization does not have a place-in-business business continuity plan, start by assessing your business processes. Determine which areas are vulnerable, and areas that have the potential to suffer losses if the process stops several days or weeks. This is basically or business impact analysis.

Next, develop a plan. You can use some free templates available online or find actual plans published by an organization similar to yours by making modifications as needed.

There are six general steps involved in how to create an effective business continuity plan:

  • Identify the scope of the plan.
  • Identify key business areas.
  • Identify important functions.
  • Identify dependencies between various business fields and functions.
  • Determine the amount of downtime that can be received for each critical function.
  • Make a plan to maintain the operation.

One of the tools in business continuity plan templates and samples is a list that includes equipment and equipment, data backup locations and backup sites, contact information for emergency responders, where the plan is available and who should have it, key personnel, and backup site providers.

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