Benefits Coordinator Job Description, Responsibilities and Requirements


A benefits coordinator can also be called a benefits specialist. He or she administrates employee benefits programs like health insurance and pension funds for an organization. A benefits coordinator is responsible for many tasks and duties. There are also some requirements to be met. In this article, we will discuss further about the benefits coordinator job description.

Benefits Coordinator Job Description Template

We are hiring a benefits coordinator for our company. Your responsibilities are to oversee and administrate different employee benefits such as parental leave, life & health insurance, disability cover, and retirement savings.

To be a good benefits coordinator, you must understand about employee benefits and different laws & regulations applying to them. The candidates should also have good communication skills to educate employees about the benefits. Now, see the following benefits coordinator job description template.

Benefits Coordinator Responsibilities

In our company, you will be given many tasks & duties. For the detailed job description, here is a list of the benefits coordinator job description:

  • Helps employees with enrollments in the benefits programs like retirement savings and health insurance
  • Conducts meetings & presentations to explain employee benefits
  • Liaises with savings and insurance providers on behalf of employees & the company
  • Answers concerns or questions from employees about the benefits
  • Keeps records of employee benefits up to date
  • Accounts the total cost of different benefits options to company
  • Helps with payroll
  • Ensures that the benefits policy from the company complies with laws & regulations
  • Informs employees about any change to their benefits

Benefits Coordinator Requirements

This is a very important position in our company. So, you have to meet the benefits coordinator requirements. The required qualifications relate to educational degree, work experience, certification, and skills as presented in the following list:

  • Degree in the related field especially in Human Resources
  • Prior working in Human Resources with experience of benefits
  • Professional certification like GBA, CMS, or CEBS is favorable
  • Familiarity with benefits and payroll software
  • Excellent skills of communication
  • Great organizational skills

Benefits Coordinator Job Description FAQs

What does a benefits coordinator do in a company?

A benefits coordinator is responsible for many tasks & duties. However, the main responsibilities are to administrate employee benefits programs like health insurance and pension funds for an organization. For the detailed job description, you can see the template you can find above.

Can I edit the posted benefits coordinator job description template here?

Of course, you can. We provide an editable benefits coordinator job description template posted here. So, you can easily edit it to fit your needs. You are allowed to add or remove the details in it. In fact, different companies may give different responsibilities and require different qualifications.

Do you have interview questions for a benefits coordinator?

Besides the benefits coordinator job description, we also provide a collection of interview questions. You can find it on another page. You can use it to interview candidates in the recruitment process.


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