Audit Plan Template


Audit Plan Template Helps You to Manage the Audit Activities in Specific Period

The word audit is familiar for those who work in both commercial and non-profit organizations. The companies need to do a review of the health of the finance of the business. The audit plan template contains the requirements of an audit to be accomplished by a team, whether it is internal or external. It also includes audit planning steps.

If you are required to conduct an audit but you are still unfamiliar with the actions, you can take a look at the simple audit plan sample to help you understand what you have to do to gain the best result of the audit you are going to do.


Why do You Need an Audit Plan Template?

The audit is about to evaluate and inspect the business aspects in a working area. There are many things to be audited to check whether they are run well or not. Through an audit, the identification of the risks could be gained, and the results are to solve them as well. The audit plan template comes in handy to do the audit without thinking out what should be stated in the plan.

It contains what an auditor needs to accomplish. It elaborates on the steps and the items that an auditor should monitor and record. The audit area varies due to the objectives of the audit. The management, finances, and the working place are the areas that are usually audited to gain relevant information about the regulations and actions.


 1. The steps to create the audit plan template

You do not need to worry if you are in charge of doing an internal audit. Since it cost lower than using an external audit, using the audit plan template could gain better result in auditing the aspects.

The first thing to do, you must identify the area you are going to audit. After that, you have to determine the risks that may occur in that area. The procedures and methods are the next steps you have to think to obtain a relevant result. The standard of the audit is essential to be stated clearly in the audit plane.

The persons who are involved in the audit need to be specified. The factors that may follow the audit of a certain area should be determined as well. Then, you have to make the timeline to do the audit.

After you consider those items, you have to create the audit plan on the blank document that contains the items. Then, save it into the template file. The last thing is to title the audit plan template.


 2. The elements of the audit plan template

There are essential elements you have to state in the template. They are the standards, the participants, the frequency of the audit, and the following steps after the audits.

By stating those elements in the template, you are ready to do the audit of the company you are working in.  

The audit plan template is essential and could be downloaded on websites that can be adjusted based on the user is needs.

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