Volunteer Coordinator Job Description and Its Required Qualifications


A volunteer coordinator is a person who sources & recruits volunteers with different techniques, collects info on skills & availabilities, and arranges for appropriate training if needed. When it comes to the volunteer coordinator job description, it relates to responsibilities and requirements. For the detailed job description, you can pay attention to the following template.

Volunteer Coordinator Job Description Template

We are hiring a volunteer coordinator now. In this role, you will recruit & manage volunteers. Your tasks and duties are to allocate responsibilities as well as retain the best persons. To be a good volunteer coordinator, it takes a competent leader.

You have to be able to distinguish talents and also do anything possible to inspire & motivate. You also must have good organization skills as well as ability of communication with people from different experiences & backgrounds. This volunteer coordinator job description template will show it in detailed.

Volunteer Coordinator Job Responsibilities

A volunteer coordinator aims to make sure that our organization stays staffed with the most reliable and best individuals and they are utilized correctly to fulfill our missions. For the volunteer coordinator job responsibilities, here is the detailed list:

  • Sources and recruits volunteers in different techniques like social media, email, databases, etc
  • Collects info on skills and availabilities
  • Arranges for appropriate training if needed
  • Produces schedules for daily activities
  • Assigns responsibilities to the correct persons for special events
  • Coordinates volunteer teams for large-scale actions
  • Communicates with volunteers frequently to make sure that they are well-placed and satisfied
  • Disseminate information for the future events and actions
  • Keeps detailed records of information & assignments from volunteers
  • Ensures that the organization purpose & its actions are communicated clearly

Volunteer Coordinator Job Requirements

To get the best one, we require some qualifications for the candidates who want to apply for this position. The volunteer coordinator job requirements can be seen in detailed through the following list below:

  • Experience in the similar position especially as an operations director
  • Experience in locally or internationally volunteering
  • Experience in recruiting from different channels
  • Knowledge of Ms. Office (especially Ms. Excel) and databases
  • Ability to communicate with different people effectively
  • Excellent abilities of team & organizational coordination
  • An outgoing and pleasant personality
  • BSc or BA in the relevant fields such as social studies, human resources, and business administration

What does a volunteer coordinator job description do?

A volunteer coordinator sources & recruits volunteers with different techniques, collects info on skills & availabilities, and arranges for appropriate training if needed.

Can I edit the posted job description here?

Yes, you can. You can easily add or remove the details in the editable volunteer coordinator job description template to fit your needs.

Do you have interview questions for a volunteer coordinator?

Besides the volunteer coordinator job description, we also provide a collection of interview question samples. You can find it on another page here.


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