Toll Collector Job Description: Things To Be Underlined To Become A Toll Collector You Must Know



A toll collector is a person who works to collect payment from people who pass bridges, highways, and even national tolled roads. He or she mostly will stay in a toll booth for long periods. Before you decide to apply in this position, we provide the toll collector job description below. To give you a better understanding, this description includes the responsibilities and requirements you need to fulfill in the future.

The Responsibilities In A Toll Collector Job Description

In this section, you can read the responsibilities of a toll collector. This can help you in preparing your application better and also show all activities that you will do later. Below are the responsibilities you should accomplish.

1. Manage The Cash Flow

The first duty of a toll collector is managing the cash flow. Also, you are supposed to open and close the toll booth. The other responsibility is collecting money and giving the change.

2. Report Motorists Who Do Not Obey The Regulation

In this toll collector job description, a toll collector is supposed to report drivers who just pass by without paying the tolls. You also need to report them who cannot pay the toll fee for any reason.

Some Requirements Needed To Become A Toll Collector

Before you jump into this section, make sure you have your note with you if you find some important points in the description below. Here are the requirements of a toll collector you must know.

1. Have A Certain Degree

If you want to assign for this job, you are supposed to graduate from a GED or high school diploma degree. Also, you must have a strong ability to do the math and sit for a long time.

2. Have The Essential Skills

As a toll collector, you are determined to have good interpersonal and communication skills. On the other side, a toll collector needs to know the national and local roadways in order to give the best service for the customers. Also, able to work under pressure is an advantage for you.


What Is The Primary Duty Of A Toll Collector?

A toll collector’s primary duty is to inform the customers about the toll fee and collect the money. Also, he or she must give the change if necessary.

What Does The First You Do Before You Submit Your Application?

First of all, you need to think about the requirements and responsibilities of this position, so you will enjoy your job.

What Does A Toll Collector Do Mostly?

A toll collector keeps the cash record updated, provides basic directions, and reports the drivers who do not pay tolls.

All in all, if you are interested in this job, make sure you consider all aspects of the toll collector job description we have set above. You can prepare your application better to get a higher chance to be qualified as a candidate. We cannot wait to see you around. Prepare well and good luck!










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