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Phlebotomy Resume

Some people might not be familiar with the term phlebotomy. It is a professional who draws blood from the vein of the patients. This procedure is done to collect the medical conditions of the patients. Not everyone can apply for this job, as it requires specific skills and qualifications to do that.

They work in a wide range of medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and many more. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field, you need some preparations including the phlebotomy resume. Here, we have guidelines on how to create a good resume or choose the best resume template.

Phlebotomy Resume Sample for New Grads

Phlebotomy can be a good career choice for newly-graduated students. Yet, they have to know how to create a good resume to make them look more professional. Here is the sample that can be as a reference.

Mark Richardson

Personal Info

Phone: (555) 123-123-123

Email: markrichardson@email.com


Detailed-oriented, hardworking, and excellent- communication individual is seeking an opportunity to deliver high-quality patient care. Earned an experience of volunteer work as a phlebotomist at ABC Clinic and Health Blood Donation event. Have dealt with +150 patients in drawing blood occasions.


Volunteer Work as Phlebotomist at ABC Clinic


  • Checking patients’ medical history before drawing blood treatment
  • Preparing the needles and proper equipment
  • Drawing patients’ blood samples
  • Labeling vials with patients’ data
  • Collecting the patients’ blood samples to the laboratories
  • Checking patients’ condition after the treatment

Volunteer Work as Phlebotomist at Health Blood Donation Event


  • Welcoming blood donators in a friendly manner
  • Checking the donator’s condition and health before drawing the blood
  • Giving relevant information about the donation like the benefits and side effects of blood donation
  • Collecting blood from the donators
  • Label vials with types of blood


Phlebotomy Technician Certificate Program

2018 – 2019

GPA: 3.80

Relevant Coursework: Medical Terminology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biology

Graduation: 2019

Membership: Phlebotomy Students Alumni Association

Key Skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong medical terminology
  • Blood sample collection
  • Medical anatomy skill
  • Medical record-keeping


  • Best GPA of the Training Program, 2019


  • English
  • Germany

How to Write a Phlebotomy Resume

In producing a good phlebotomy resume, you need to know some tips below on how to write it.

  • Choose the most appropriate resume format for you. It doesn’t have to be fancy but it needs to be able to highlight the most important information.
  • Highlight your phlebotomist skills. The skills listed have to be relevant to the job you are going to do.
  • Create a powerful career summary. If you earn any experience, include it as well as the skills and qualifications inside the career summary.
  • Choose relevant keywords. Employers usually do the applicants selected based on the keywords related to the job being applied, so make sure you include some phlebotomy-related keywords like diagnostic and vein.

What to Write on Phlebotomy Resume?

Knowing the tips of how to write a phlebotomy resume isn’t enough if you don’t know what information to write. Here are things you have to include inside your resume.

  • Personal data. If the employers decide to consider your application, they need to contact you and that’s why your data such as full name, email address, and phone number have to be the first thing on your resume.
  • Professional summary. It sums up your career in brief. Make sure to make a powerful summary without exaggerating.
  • Professional experience. This section is what employer usually looks at first, to see how capable you are in doing your job.
  • Strengths or skills. This section is also crucial to promote yourself to the employers as it usually becomes the main consideration of your acceptance.
  • Educational background. Even though it isn’t related to your job, keep writing that.
  • Additional information such as training, an internship, volunteer work, a certificate. This can be good boost-up information if you don’t have work experience.

The Main Responsibilities of Phlebotomy

Before sending a phlebotomy resume, one needs to know the main responsibility of the job. Phlebotomy handles patients’ care in extracting blood from the venipuncture or fingerstick. Not only that, phlebotomy is responsible for preparing the needles and other equipment for drawing blood treatment. They also keep the patients’ records and history before and after the treatment.

What Makes a Good Phlebotomy?

The main point of a resume is to highlight your strengths and it’s usually done by writing skills. Yet, you don’t need to write everything and focus on the relevant skills of phlebotomy, like the skills below.

  • Detailed-oriented
  • Excellent communication
  • Physical dexterity
  • Compassion
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Multitasking

Kinds of Phlebotomy Resumes

There are several phlebotomies resume templates that you can use to gain a professional resume. It has many advantages and opportunities to show your strengths.

Phlebotomy Supervisor Resume Template

This resume template is designed for someone who has been around the industry for a while. If you want to pursue the next career level as a phlebotomy supervisor, this template can be a huge help.

Entry-Level Phlebotomy Resume Template

This resume works best for those who want to apply for an entry-level position in phlebotomy. The template highlights the skills and produces a strong career objective.

Sample Phlebotomy Resume Template

This template applies a basic formatting style without looking mediocre. It provides detailed information in a well-structured resume.

Phlebotomy Instructor Resume Template

Phlebotomy instructor needs to use this template for passing the first resume screening. It produces a good summary of your professional experience and showcases your skills professionally.

Phlebotomy Technician Resume Template

Use this template if you are interested in being a phlebotomy technician. It is written in Ms. Word file format so you can download and edit it quickly.

Modern Phlebotomy in Blue Resume Template

Having blue nuance, this resume template provides a modern vibe for the first look. It can be applied for an entry-level or a supervisor position. You can edit the information based on your information.

Medical Assistant Phlebotomist Resume

This template produces a strong professional summary that will showcase your ability in the best way to the employer.

Phlebotomist Resume Template

This template is applicable for experienced and inexperienced applicants who want to start a career as a phlebotomist. Each section provides complete information that you can edit easily.

Float Phlebotomist Resume Template

This resume template is designed for float phlebotomists that work in hospitals, clinics, or any health care facilities. Use this template and you won’t regret finding this effective resume template.

Phlebotomist Resume Examples

If you avoid having too much design on your resume, this phlebotomist resume template is the best alternative. Using minimalist design and formal formatting style, this template gives an elegant finish to your resume.





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