General Practitioner Job Description – Everything You Must prepare Before Applying



A general practitioner is a person who is responsible for diagnosing and examining the general illness of the patients. Typically they treat common diseases such as high cholesterol, eczema, and also allergies. They also can work as an independent practitioner or working with the medical center. if you want to learn further about this position, you can read the following summary about the general practitioner job description.

The Responsibilities In The General practitioner Job Description

Diagnosing illness

Typically, the main job of the general practitioner is to diagnose the patient illness and then make a prescription regarding the symptoms. If the symptoms persist, the general practitioner will refer the patients to the specialist to get the right treatments. This important to note that they check the general symptoms such as flu, colds, stomach and they are the person who becomes the first layer of medication.

Administering prescription

Besides diagnosing, the general medical practitioner is also able to administer the prescription orally, intravenous or intramuscular injection, or topically. They also suggest various lifestyles to improve the disease and give medication to the patients.

Collecting samples

The general practitioner also collects samples to be sent to the laboratories for further research.

Administrative tasks

The administration tasks to be performed by the patients include issuing an invoice for the private clients and submit claims for patients who are using health insurance.

The Requirements In The General Practitioner Job Description

  • Academic background – The academic background required to work in this position is a medical degree with the completion of a 3-year training program. The candidate must be experienced in this field.
  • Skills – The skills required include multitasking, administrative, and communication skills. Of course, you must have strong skills in diagnosing the illness of the patients and be rich in knowledge in this field.


What’s A General Practitioner’s Job?

A general medical practitioner has jobs to diagnose, examining, and administering prescriptions for the patients. Usually, the general practitioner deals with general diseases and work in medical centers or independently.

How To Become A Successful General Officer?

To be a professional and successful general medical practitioner, you must have strong analytical thinking and communication. You should be able to dig information from the patients so you can get accurate data. Typically, an outstanding general practitioner is cognizant of the mental and physical well-being of the patients.

What Are The Primary Duties Of A General Practitioner?

According to the general practitioner job description, the general practitioner must perform various jobs such as diagnosing illness, examining patients, and also making a prescription for treatments. Besides, the general practitioner must be able to answer various queries from the patients.

If you are considering this position as your main career choice, upgrading profiles to meet the requirements is important. Besides, gain more experience from various chances you can found whether being an apprentice or volunteer. After understanding the general practitioner job description, we expect you will get a clearer idea about how to make an outstanding resume. Good luck!

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