Emergency Evacuation Plan Templates


Make Emergency Evacuation Plan Templates For Your Home

Emergencies can occur due to various things such as natural disasters. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, or floods can occur suddenly. Earthquakes the strength is small it will not cause much damage and casualties. But if the earthquake is large, then, it is certain that there will be many people who are injured or died as well as the amount of damage to buildings due to shocks from the earthquake. Not to mention if an earthquake causes a tsunami, the impact will be even more severe. So, it is highly recommended that you make an emergency evacuation plan templates for you and your family at home. Especially for those of you who have a large and spacious house. Necessary evacuation measures are appropriate when a disaster occurs.


Preparation To Make An Emergency Evacuation Plan Template For The Home

Preparation to make an emergency evacuation plan template is not too much and easy to do. Some preparation in making the template will be explained as follows.

  1. Know the layout of your home

In large houses that have lots of space and streets, making people who enter it might get lost. Let alone other people, the owner can get lost at any time when in his own house because of its size is too large and wide. Therefore, it is better if you make a house plan if the size of your house is too large. such as a general emergency evacuation plan template that includes a floor plan, House plans are also made to anticipate a disaster so that everyone who lives in it understands the route of the house and can escape when a disaster occurs. Making house plans is also an effort to prepare an emergency evacuation plan template. A template that contains a rescue plan when in an emergency.


  1. Determine evacuation routes

After you make a house plan, then determine the roads for evacuation when a disaster occurs. Try the way for evacuation is not too complicated or winding so that it facilitates the evacuation process. It would be better if more than one evacuation route was made so that if one road could not be passed it could choose another path. In making an emergency evacuation plan templates for a house, it is very important to prepare an evacuation route for people who are in the house, especially large and spacious houses. If everyone who lives in the house knows the house plans and evacuation lines in the house, then if there is a disaster that happens they can immediately save themselves.


  1. Make an emergency contact list

In the emergency evacuation plan template that we made, in addition to having a house plan and evacuation route, it is also important to write an emergency contact list. These contacts include police, fire engines, ambulances, hospitals, and others. You can add these contacts if you feel that there are other important contacts.  

The emergency evacuation plan templates that you created should be introduced to all people in the house. So everyone understands what must be done when a disaster occurs. You can also conduct a simple emergency evacuation training for people in your home to prepare for an emergency.

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