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Styling Your Company Letter Using Company Letterhead Template

Sticking in the business letters, company letterhead does not work only as decorations. It serves as part of the sales and marketing strategy as well. That’s why a company needs to prepare a representative and professional-looking company letterhead to be attached. Designing a company letterhead doesn’t require you much time, but brainstorming the idea is what makes it hard oftentimes. If your piles of work don’t compromise and get in your way to make that, a company letterhead template will surely help. With broad choices of design, you can level up the company’s correspondence experience – in a much easier way!

The ‘Perks’ of Using A Company Letterhead Template

Let’s start the talk with five benefits of using a letterhead template.

Setting the letterhead in a much professional yet easier way

Having your idea bulb on doesn’t mean you can fit the society standard at the same time. Oftentimes, you’ll face ignorance and even objection. In case of making letterheads, a company letterhead template will reduce the probability of it.

Makes the letter stand out

Even a kid can understand how boring a plain piece of letter is. Impress the letter’s readers by making it colorfully presentable as a company’s letter.


Reducing your time

Easy to use means time efficiency. There are lots of works to be done, so, applying a template will cost no longer than just a few customization.

Little to zero waste of money

Paying a freelance graphic designer to build you a letterhead means paying someone a decent amount of money. Remember, it’s a company’s letterhead. Being stingy may lead to the worker’s condescending manner to your company. Such things will not be in your way if you download a template.


Templates teach you that ‘thing’

What’s that thing? Of course, it is how to set an engaging letterhead. You will learn how to be selective, applying filters to filters, and digging the resources to find what suits the company’s demand. You can also learn a glimpse of design, which is pretty priceless.

Components of Company Letterhead Template

As part of a marketing strategy, a company letterhead template should own ample space to include the name of the company, its logo, and also its address. Not to forget, the contact information such as email address, phone number, and websites.

Company Letterhead Template Styles

  • Geometric styles

These styles are widely used in letterhead templates. The reason probably lies in its elegance. Playing with polygons and poly colors, you’ll find many templates that are built this way.

  • Abstract styles

Even though it is called an abstract, the fact is it also involves geometric shapes in it. Here, you can see how a design irregularity, once nicely arranged, creates an art.


  • Themed styles

From floral letterhead to watercolor themed ones, you can also see these in many templates. Just remember to always pick one that fits your company as well as considering its aesthetic.

Applying Company Letterhead Template to Your Letters

First of all, you need to turn the company letterhead template to be a file image. Then, on your word processor application, insert the picture into the background. You can also make it washed out, but it would be better to have it vibrant-colored.

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