10+ Artist Resume Examples


Artist Resume Examples

Working as an artist is fun, especially if you do it based on passion. As a resume that is attractive in general, you need to pay attention to several things in detail ranging from qualifications, experience, and several other aspects. Put everything on your resume to produce a format that is relevant and appropriate. If you want to make a resume, make sure to write it flawlessly and classy. We have some recommended artist resume examples that you can use as inspiration.

To make a fine artist resume, you have to pay attention to a few things as relevant as your specific desires. Make sure to write it neatly so it makes a good template. Don’t hesitate to make a professional resume, you can still get it if you mean it.

Artist Resume Sample

Here we have an example to make a good artist resume that can be your inspiration:

Nathan Wilson

Personal Info

Phone: (333)-332-222-332

Email: wilson.nathan@gmail.com


A bachelor’s degree of Arts (3.6/4.0) who has 3+ years of experience as an artist with great passion. I am seeking a position as a graphic designer at Valley Company by bringing the skills of communication, leadership, programming, maintaining a consistent artistic style, and high creativity.


1) Self-employed

Freelance Graphic Designer


  • Creating concepts for planning and studying relevant information.
  • Creating concept illustrations and designing art arrangements according to client requests.
  • Coordinating with outside agencies, web designers, and clients.

2) Sartre Company

Graphic Designer


  • Communicating directly with clients regarding design and layout.
  • Create logos for products, companies, and websites using the software.
  • Coordinating with clients and colleagues to get the right results.
  • Designing artistic arrangements and illustrating concepts.
  • Successfully worked on a project of 1,300 items within 30 days.


BA in Visual Arts

Philadelphia University


GPA: 3.7

Relevant Coursework: 2D and 3D Design, Digital Media, Drawing, Contemporary Drawing, Advanced Visual Field Reporting.

Membership: Members of the “Deven Art” Organization, Germany Club

Publications as Author

  • “Techniques in 2D and 3D Painting,” Practice Tips

Radio / TV

  • Radio Interview, CHRS, Philadelphia
  • TV Interview, Art Gallery News, Philadelphia

Key skills

  • Communication skills
  • Ability to draw from life
  • Composition skills
  • Constructive drawing
  • Knowledge of art material
  • Teamwork
  • Time management


  • 3rd Winner of Art Gallery Competition in Zalas, 2017
  • 2nd Winner of Classic Visual Competition in Deven, 2018


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Germany
  • French

How To Write An Artist Resume?

Before talking about the artist resume examples, you must know the tips to arrange the resume first. You can pay attention to the following tips:

Create a compelling resume opening

You have to open a resume well because a good resume will succeed in attracting the attention of recruiters. Remember that recruiters don’t have much time to read your entire resume unless you give it the impression you’re looking for.

Write down the important passages

Highlight several important sections on your resume such as education, experience, awards, and others.

Choose an attractive template

Templates are also an important element that you must pay attention to, a good design will succeed in making recruiters feel interested in reading your resume further.

How To Build An Entry-level Artist Resume?

Experience is indeed an important thing that you should include on your resume, but the experience that is meant is not only about working with large companies. Any experience that is relevant to your field will still earn you points. Take a look at some of the following resume writing tips for beginners:

  • Choose the most appropriate resume format
  • Enter a summary that looks professional
  • List your skills
  • Add education, certifications, and organizational activities that you have.
  • Use the right keywords.
  • Proofread your resume several times to avoid mistakes.

What Should Be Put On My Artist Beginner Resume?

  • A good resume objective
  • Your skills during school
  • Education and achievement
  • Classes, training, and certifications
  • appreciation
  • Language skills
  • Internship or volunteer experience (if any)

What Are Five Important Skills As An Artist?

If you want to apply for a position as an artist, you should at least consider some important skills in your resume. Here are five skills you should include on your resume:

  • Storyboard writing
  • Animation
  • Acting
  • Musical composition
  • Animation
  • Fashion design

Kind of Artist Resume Examples

No need to worry if you don’t know how to design your resume. We have several artist resume examples that can be your inspiration. Here are the templates:

Professional Artist Resume Sample

As a professional artist, it’s time for you to produce a resume with a better portfolio. Pay attention to a few things that are relevant to include on a resume.

Painter Resume Design

If you want to apply for a position as a painter, you can use this resume format. Neatly add some elements such as relevant qualifications, skills, and experience.

Creative Artist Resume Template

If you have high creativity, being an artist will be a lot of fun. Choose this resume to produce an elegant design, you can choose this template. Pick this resume and come up with a great resume.

Beginner Artist Resume Sample

As a beginner in the artist world, you can show your qualifications by creating a compelling resume. Consider a few things to include on your resume, but you’ll need to write a draft first.

Assistant Art Director Resume

You can use this template to produce a quality resume. Pick a few elements like a photo, design, and a few relevant things to produce the perfect resume.

Makeup Artist Resume Sample

Applying for a position as a make-up artist will make you meet lots of fun people. Choose this resume for a nice and classy template, so you can make a professional application.

Experienced Artist Resume Sample

An experience will make your job application more considered. Include some relevant experience to produce a resume that recruiters will notice.

Graphic Artist Resume Template

Use this resume to produce a quality design. You can include several things including relevant education and awards. Try and do your best with this resume.

Teaching Artist Resume Design

If you want to apply for a position as a teaching artist, you can use this template. Make sure to include some relevant elements by considering a range of things that can enhance your resume.

Concept Artist Resume Sample

No effort is wasted because you can still get a quality resume with this template. Write a resume objective that’s great for producing a professional resume mix.



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