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Administrative Assistant Resume

It seems the administrative assistant resume template is the best tool for applicants. This tool is the best one to help them create a professional resume which helps them put the information chronologically which later helps the hiring manager spot their potentials.

The templates consist of a list of sections to write necessary information. It includes the personal and professional details and the focus on the skillset that matches the company’s requirements. On this page, you will learn how to create a professional resume.

Sample of Administrative Assistant Resume

To help you find some ideas about the format, you can check out the following example:

Krista Lenz

Personal Info

Phone: (777)089-897-767

Email: krista.lenz@gmail.com


1-year experience in the administration department with strong analytical, management, and research skills, seeking a new position as an Administrative Assistant. I have graduated from Administration School (3.6/4.0) and wish to work in your company where I could gain more knowledge as well as use my experience and expertise.


1) Administration Staff (part-timer)

Lagola – California School of Business


  • Organized files of the students and other staff in the university
  • Assisted students in getting the administration needs
  • Setting up meetings for various events and appointments
  • Answered calls and replied to emails
  • Administration Staff

2) Administration Staff

Speaky English Course


  • Answered phone calls, replied to emails and chats
  • Assisted students or parents dealing with administration stuff
  • Filling the documents
  • Creating filing systems


Brigatto School of Management, Lagola – California


GPA: 3.6

Relevant Coursework: Introduction Management And Administration For Educational Institution

Membership: Legolas Business Community

Key Skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Research skills
  • Management
  • Detail-oriented
  • Leadership


  • Chairman of national English Debate Competition, 2017
  • Student of the Year 2016-2017
  • Language
  • Englis
  • French
  • Japanese

What To Put In An Administrative Assistant Resume?

Because the administrative assistant position is a job that handles various clerical tasks, it is important to master skills that are related to its job descriptions. For example, you must have reporting, administrative writing, correspondences, MS Office, problem-solving, management, and inventory control skills. These skills are highly needed in the administration world. Your job is about handling documents, phone calls, arranging schedules, and other clerical staff. That means you must be a person with a strong detail orientation.

What Is A Good Career Objective For Administrative Assistant?

Just like another resume objective, writing it for the administrative assistant job must cover the whole information of your resume. The resume objective here only consists of 2-3 sentences which include your educational background, experience, and skills. You need to make it straight to the point and make sure to avoid unnecessary information.

The resume objective is one of the most important aspects because the hiring manager will spot your potential right on this part first. With a limited time like that, it makes sense if they might only review your resume objective. So, don’t let them spot another candidate because you write the wrong resume objective.

What Should Not Be Included In The Resume?

With so many applicants flooding the hiring manager’s desk with their resumes, it is important to avoid the following mistakes.

Resume objective

When you are making a resume objective, try to avoid vague sentences. You have to state your objective clearly. What kind of position you are eyeing. If you just mention “seeking for opportunities”, then they will not understand what you want and your intention for applying to their company. Instead, state clearly the position and mention your qualifications why you are eligible.

Unprofessional Email

During college, we might have had written funny email addresses. But now you have moved to a professional level. It is time to take it seriously. The safest way to make an email address is the one that consists of your name and is connected with your LinkedIn profile.

Full Mailing Address

Why is a mailing address is no longer needed? Because today most people relocate their works to another place. Unless you are seeking a job near your house, you can include your address such as city, state, and also zip code. Avoid writing mail addresses completely as it is very dangerous and might lead to a security risk.

Multiple Phone Numbers

The more phone numbers you provide, the more you miss the important messages from the hiring manager. Avoid creating confusion and place only one phone number that let say it is the most active.

Irrelevant Social Media

Today, social media account is important because they will judge you based on your behavior. If you want to show that you are a person with a consistent vision, show the most active and relevant social media. At least, add one professional social media, such as LinkedIn.

Personal Details

Marital status, nationality, spiritual belief, and even headshot. Besides, avoid creating buzzwords just to make you get noticed. Only add the relevant skills that you master.

Kinds of Templates For Administrative Assistant

Simple Resume Template For Admin Assistant

One of the most likable resume formats is the simple one. This template gives an exceptional look with a simple layout. You can showcase your potential through this.

Resume Template for Administrative Sales Assistant

The purpose of creating this template is to help you communicate your information effectively. This is a new way of presenting the skillsets. Use this template for free.

Sample of Administrative Assistant

If you are searching for a template that comes with the original text, then this one is your best choice. It will be the best guide in helping you decide which information need to be written on.

resume for Administrative Assistant

A unique resume layout can catch the attention of the hiring manager. You can present your powerful career summary with this template. This template can help you give a clearer picture of yourself.

Free Resume Sample for Administrative Assistant

An ideal resume for an administrative assistant contains related skillset and experience as well as achievements. This template is more than perfect to help you summarize your profile.

Executive Administrative Assistant Resume Sample

If you are eying the executive administrative assistant position, this resume is one of the best. A clear resume presentation is a key to success. This template will help you convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate.

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Samples

So, you have decided what kind of a template you will use, but you still need more examples for resume objectives? Don’t worry! This template consists of the best resume objectives that you can reuse.

Entry-Level Administrative Assistant Resume Word

For a fresher who needs a professional example, this template is for you. It is suited for the freshers who will start their career journey. It contains information about required qualifications in most companies.


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