Free Printable Star Chart


Free Printable Star Chart to Motivate Your Kids

If you’re looking for something fun to hang on the walls, why not try free printable star chart? A star chart can be used for pretty much anything you can think of. The possibilities are endless and the limit is only your imagination. And if you think star charts are for kids, then you’re mistaken. Star charts can be customized to fit for adults. Let’s talk about how to properly star charts.

Using Star Charts

Being a kid can be very rewarding when parents, teachers and anyone use these fun and free printable star chart. To make things easier for you, the stars can each indicating a day or have each star to represent a single task that was completed. You can use stickers for the stars, or your child can draw the stars themselves. There are so many reward charts to choose, so you can alternate them to make it more interesting.

For adults, it can be customized to fit adults more. Bigger rewards and responsibilities to be put on the star chart. You can hang it inside the house or even in the workplace.  Now you can motivate everyone you know with a simple star chart and things will be more organized as well.

Benefits of Star Charts

Star charts are a great way to improve your child’s behavior. You’d be really surprised to see how children will follow the rules and instructions more when being motivated by star charts. You don’t need to spend too much money on the rewards, unless the task is really big. And at some points your kids will no longer care that much about the reward. They just love the star charts so much that they want to fill them up. That’s why it’s important to make the star charts as interesting as possible. Put a star on their charts, use interesting colors or a flashy sticker.

When kids see the star chart is filled, they feel a sense of accomplishment and proud. They know that their actions are being rewarded and if they did something wrong, the stars are gone. Now, they also know their actions have consequences. Are you feeling excited about using star charts? Don’t worry we have covered that for you. There are so many charts to use, if possible, ask your kids which charts they like the best. Pick some from the samples of free printable star chart below.

Here are some brilliant free printable reward charts that we have

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free printable star chart

Free Printable Superhero Reward Chart   The Chirping Moms

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Printable Reward Chart The Girl Creative

Printable Reward Chart   The Girl Creative

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free printable star chart

Free Printable Superhero Reward Chart   The Chirping Moms

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