8+ Sample Truck Driver Resumes


Sample Truck Driver Resumes

Do you want to apply for a job as a truck driver? There are several things that you should consider before applying for this job, for example, preparing important documents and writing a good resume. The recruiter will consider many things from the application you write, including experience and skills. To make the job application process easier, you can use the sample truck driver resumes that we provide below.

Include your best qualifications to make a good local truck driver resume sample. Usually, recruiters will also pay attention to mental and physical health because you are required to drive a large vehicle.

Sample Truck Driver Resume

We have an easy solution for those of you who are confused about how to fill in some elements in a resume. Notice the example below:

David Thompson

Personal Info

Phone: (333)-332-222-332

Email: David.thom11@gmail.com


A professional driver who has a CDL Class A driver’s license and experience as a truck driver for 5 years. I am seeking a position as a truck driver for the Canis Group by bringing customer service skills, navigation experience, driving safely, focused, and responsibly.


Truck Driver

1) Frozen Ice Cream Company


  • Driving long-distance trucks to deliver products to different ice cream branches
  • Unloading cargo
  • Taking note of the cargo that was sent
  • Cleaning vehicles and refueling and solving various problems on the road
  • Following the procedures on the road well

2) Fresh Green Company


  • Making notes about the cargo carried and unloading the cargo
  • Planning the route well using GPS
  • Fostering good working relationships with customers
  • Driving to the destination to deliver goods
  • Obeying traffic rules well


High School Diploma

Miller High School, 2013

CDL Class A Drivers License expires 2024

The medical examiner’s certificate expires in 2024

Membership: Members of the Club Truck Driver “Fellowship”

Key Skills

  • Responsibility
  • Communication skills
  • Cleanliness
  • Practice driving
  • Safe driving
  • Focus
  • Mechanical knowledge
  • Organizational


  • The best driving trainee with EMMA Driver, 2013


  • English
  • Scottish

How To Write A Truck Driver Resume?

Having a job as a truck driver will be very challenging. This field of work requires a mindset that matches the skills needed. Use some of the tips for writing a resume for truck drivers below:

  • Create a compelling resume draft.
  • Start with personal information such as name, contact, and your active email.
  • Write a professional summary to reflect that you are an experienced truck driver.
  • Show that you have the skills the recruiter needs.
  • Add education, licenses, and anything else you feel is necessary.

How To Prepare My Truck Driver Resume Well?

To create an elegant and classy resume, you need to prepare a few important things in advance. For example, by setting up the following elements before writing a resume:

  • Determine the type of resume you want to make, for example, a chronological resume
  • Make the best summary covering your qualifications
  • Make a list of experiences
  • Write a list of skills
  • Make a list of education
  • Think back to what awards you have ever received

What Skills are Required for a Truck Driver Resume?

Before starting to choose the sample truck driver resumes template, there are several major responsibilities of a truck driver you have to learn. You must have the appropriate qualifications to be hired, for example by considering the following skills:

  • Ability to drive long distances
  • Has extensive knowledge of cargo and transportation law
  • Proficient in keeping travel logs
  • Expert in unloading cargo
  • Able to work well together
  • Able to drive according to applicable regulations

How To Build An Outstanding Summary For My Truck Driver Resume?

To make a good summary, you can use positive words to describe your best quality. Use some of the best positive words such as able, creative, energetic, experienced, flexible, dependable, honest, organized, motivated, reliable, managed, competed, and on time.

You don’t need to use all of these words in one career objective, choose the word that most appropriately and represents your personality well.

Kind Sample Truck Driver Resumes

If you are confused about how to start writing a resume and designing, you can use the templates we have provided below for the easiest solution:

Professional Truck Driver Resume

This resume format has a more professional feel with a few elegant elements. Matching fonts and colors give off an elegant impression that shows that you are a professional driver that is worth considering.

Simple Truck Driver Resume

You can choose a simpler resume format for applying for jobs. This template is great for a beginner position, an experienced, or any position as a driver.

Entry-level Truck Driver Resume Sample

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, you still have the same opportunity to be recruited. List some important elements such as experience and the best skills you have.

Fuel Truck Driver Resume

As an experienced fuel truck driver, you have to put your best foot forward on your resume. Choose this format to show your best quality as a driver.

Editable Truck Driver Resume

Another best template for sample truck driver resumes comes with easy-to-edit designs. You can use this format for a more professional design by adding the best qualifications.

Dump Truck Driver Resume Format

The next template that you can use specifically for dump truck drivers. You can customize your experience and skills according to your needs so that you can produce an elegant resume.

PDF Format Truck Driver Resume

If you want to create a resume in PDF format, then this template is the perfect one. You can edit it practically and adjust the design according to your needs.

Garbage Truck Driver Resume

Having a classy resume is the desire of every job applicant. For example, with this elegant resume, you can produce a format that is both elegant and heavy.

Courier Truck Driver Resume

Don’t forget to write down some important qualifications before starting to write a resume. That way, all you have to do is insert these important elements into the available templates.

Tractor Trailer Truck Driver Resume Design

A resume should also have an eye-catching photo. You can choose the best photo to complement the quality of your classy resume. Use this template and impress the recruiter.





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