FRESH Favorites: The Coobie Bra

Coobie BraFor those of you FRESH regulars, you know how much we LOVE our Coobies aka the MOST comfortable bra EVER. If you have never tried a Coobie bra, you are seriously missing out. The Coobie bra has no underwire, but still provides adequate support and coverage. We also love Coobies because they come in a variety of colors and can provide the look of wearing a camisole under a low cut shirt or sweater. The Coobie can be worn under a shear shirt as well for a sexier look without too much exposure. In addition, the Coobie is recommended by doctors for patients that cannot wear a underwire bra due to surgery.

The Coobie bras come in two sizes: 1. Size One: Fits a 32A-36D. 2. Size Two: Fits a 38D-42D. The bras come in the scoopneck with straps shown below with the option of lace or no lace. The Coobie also comes in a strapless bandeau style in lace as shown in the picture below or plain.

We say the Coobie is a MUST try! You may never want to go back to a regular bra again…we haven’t!

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