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Learn How to Create a Capital Investment Proposal that Attracts Investors.

Just as your business needs a plan, you must also make a plan before drawing up an investment proposal letter. Write an outline, make a spreadsheet, and study other business proposals. You have to spend a lot of time compiling a coherent and persuasive executive summary. Plan to spend weeks, if not months, to perfect your capital investment proposal.

Copying proposals belonging to other businesses will not create opportunities to attract investors. You need to remember that the resource provider evaluates the specific action plan you have, not a general business idea. This also means that the investor you choose to attend must be relevant for the business you are running.

Tips on Making an Investor-friendly Capital Investment Proposal

There are many ways to get loan capital. Perhaps, the most popular way to get capital or funds is the Bank. Nowadays, many business people are avoiding banks to be able to get capital. They would rather bring in investors than whine to the bank. However, bringing in investors requires a correct proposal.

1.  Tips on making a capital investment proposal

Start by having a detailed understanding of your own business, as well as the competitors you face and the market as a whole. Research the industry that you are trying to enter. Plan every detail of your proposal carefully. The research you do is the basis for trust between you and potential investors.

In the end, the key to raising funds is to have a summary of carefully thought out investment proposals. The business plan advises beginners to prepare business proposals perfectly. Investors want you to be able to support the claims you make. If you make a verbal presentation, make sure you have a written business plan to share with investors.

You also need to develop expectations based on your business, about what type of investment you want to get. Knowing how to ask for what you want starts with knowing what you want and why. The business plan suggests that you explain clearly how much money has been invested in your company, and how much more funds you need to move to the next level.

Develop a plan without mistakes that will represent your business well. Investors claim to have seen weak business ideas receive more interest than expected because capital investment proposals are well written and thought out. So, spend as much time as possible preparing your best proposal.

2.  What should be included in the capital investment proposal?

Let your investment proposal for a startup be led by focus and intention to return investors’ money to them through your business. Use this concept as a perspective to answer investors’ questions before they can ask:

  • How will I get my money back?
  • How much profit will I make?

Investors tend to care most about your income model, how you will make money. 

So, make a capital investment proposal that focuses on various steps that you will take to return the funds issued by investors.

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