Basketball Practice Plan Template


Basketball Practice Plan Template: An Aid to Provide a Well-Managed Basketball Practices

The basketball practice plan template is about the basketball practice drills that help the couches to arrange what they need to provide the well-managed basketball practices for their teams.

The free basketball practice plan offers them an easy model of practice arrangement, including the timetable and other essential components. This kind of plan is available on the internet in the form of an online plan and offline plan. Both plans are useable for sharpening the team skills and teamwork.


Why do We Need the Basketball Practice Plan Template?

Since practice makes perfect, it is considered as the key component of success in various sports, including basketball. By having the basketball practice plan template on handit will allow the users to arrange the activities of basketball practices. This template will document and record everything dealing with basketball practices. It is a kind of science and art at once.

The template allows the couches to structure the sessions of practice meetings that the team needs. The template contains the practice blocks and other strategies of basketball practices that are vital to sharpen the skills of each individual in a basketball team. What are they?


 1. The practice blocks that are included in the basketball practice plan template

There are six kinds of practice blocks that the couches like to ask their team in practice meetings.

  • The first is conditioning drills. The drills are to warm up the athletes before they do real practices. It is usually about 10 minutes. The foot fire drills are the most common drills to warm them up.
  • The second is shooting drills. The drills are to sharpen their shooting skills in the match.
  • The third is defensive drills. The couches usually ask the athletes to run about 10 minutes. The techniques used are sliding, shuffling, blocking shots, and taking charge.
  • The next is offense drills. Similar to the defensive drills, the athletes will run about 10 minutes and ask them to set the scores.
  • The fifth is fast break drills. The drills are about 15 minutes. The athletes are to improve their transition game and fast break.
  • The sixth is pressure drills. Fifteen minutes block is to pressure defense. The drills are to attack the opponents in a pressure defense.

Those are about the six common drills used in the basketball practices that stated in the basketball practice plan template.


 2. The special blocks of basketball practice that could be included in the basketball practice plan template

Below are two special blocks to practice the skills of basketball.

  • The special situation is about the alternative block that the couches will do to improve the team skills. It is about to play out of bounds, quick-hitting, tip-off play, buzzer-beater plays, and free throw play.
  • The coaches’ choice block is a special treatment that is chosen by the coaches to improve specific skills that are considered as weak ones.

If you are a basketball coach, this basketball practice plan template will be useful to maintain your team skills.

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