Free Printable BMI Chart To Help You Measure Your BMI

Do know what actually BMI is? BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Now we are offering you free printable BMI chart to help you work with your health programs. In particular, printable BMI chart is used to visualize the ranges for underweight, healthy weight, overweight and obesity based on the height of the person. The BMI patterns have been used popularly as an initial diagnosing tool to find out an information about a person’s healthy body weight.

BMI chart is very useful to know whether you are in an ideal health of body weight. If in the specific times you are diagnosed to be overweight, underweight or obesity, you will be given a recommendation what to do later on.

Now it is very easy to measure your healthy body weight. One of the easy way to do that is using the BMI chart. Don’t worry too much of how you will get the chart. Here we come with the charts you can download for free.

However, you can check out more about BMI charts below before downloading, printing and using them.

BMI Chart and Calculator

You can use the printable BMI chart and calculator using the spreadsheet for Excel. The charts will show your BMI on the spectrum along with the pattern and gender you choose. The spreadsheet also contains a worksheet you can use to create the BMI charts.

The BMI Pattern

The second thing you have to know about using BMI chart is the BMI pattern. In this case, the pattern is that the weight is divided by the square of height using the metric units kg/mˆ2. Concern the patern below.

  • Metric units: BMI = Weight (kg) / (Height(m) x Height(m))
  • English units: 703 x Weight (lb) / (Height(in) x Height (in))

You can learn the pattern above to measure your BMI.

BMI Chart For Kids

As adults, kids must be always taken into awareness dealing with their healthy body weight. There are 4 weight status categories for kids which are overweight, healthy weight, obese and underweight. These are defined based on BMI percentile which includes less than 5th percentile, 5th to less than the 85th, 85th to less than 95th, and equal to or greater than 95th.

Definitely, all about the free printable BMI chart samples can be found later on this page. Make sure you stay with our site to help you find the proper chart to measure your BMI.

Free Printable Body Mass Index Chart

The BMI chart is critical in the event that you want to live as an individual focused on health. It is a tool that you can use to find your body mass index or BMI. The printable BMI graph was created for adult females and men who try to find control over their weight.
The charts take growth into consideration. So basically it can be used by women according to their height. Easy formulations There are many different graphs that allow you to calculate your BMI.
Body mass index (BMI) is among the many things you and your health care provider can use to rate your well-being. The BMI (Body Mass Index) is used by the health care profession to quickly and easily determine the weight of an individual with respect to his height. The body mass index (BMI) is an approach to estimate the body fat of an individual that takes into account their height.
One is a weight loss tracker. A weight reduction tracker is just a tool for its use. Using a printable weight reduction tracker is useful to measure your progress.
In the event that the BMI calculator finds that you are more than the perfect weight, losing only a couple of pounds is a significant start, and can improve your well-being and decrease the likelihood of cancer and other diseases. It can help you discover if you need to lose weight and how much weight you need to lose. A separate BMI percentile calculator should be used for children and adolescents that takes into account the age and gender of the children.
A BMI calculator is easy to use and can help you quickly understand what kind of shape your body is in. If our BMI calculator finds that you do not have a healthy weight, we suggest you talk to your GP before making really big changes in your diet or the amount of exercise you do. You will see that the Body Mass Index Calculator can help you with all that.
The BMI applies to most adults 18 to 65 years old. Instead, talk to your doctor about what you should do to lower your BMI. The BMI is an indicator of the amount of body fat for most people. While BMI is an important indicator of healthy growth and development, if you think your child may be gaining or losing weight too quickly, talk with your healthcare provider.
If your BMI is 25 or more, you are more likely to develop diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. The BMI is not the whole story once it is about someone’s weight. BMI is not always the best method to determine if you have to lose some weight. The perfect way to establish your BMI is to have your doctor do it for you.
The IMC is a useful tool, but it is not suitable for everyone. Your BMI is a useful number that you should know to decide if you want to gain or lose weight or not. The BMI is a reliable indicator of body fat for most people. The BMI is used as a screening tool that is a weight / height ratio to determine weight problems for adults. The IMC is a very intriguing thing. The BMI does not diagnose overweight and obesity, but it is a clear indication that weight could be a health problem and that a health care provider should perform more evaluations.

free printable bmi chart

Printable BMI Chart Weight / Height

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BMI Chart Printable Body Mass Index Chart BMI Calculator

BMI Chart   Printable Body Mass Index Chart   BMI Calculator

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free printable bmi chart

BMI Chart for Men & Women, Weight Index BMI Table for Women & Men

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